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Leave a lasting legacy through NCRF’s Legacy Society

NCRF offers you an opportunity to leave a legacy for future generations of reporters through our planned giving program, the Legacy Society.  NCRF established the Legacy Society as a way for you to give back to your profession through your estate planning by naming NCRF as a beneficiary.  It can be a specific amount or a percentage, either through a will or an insurance policy.

Planning ahead not only gives you control where your assets will go; it also gives you and your family peace of mind.  They will know that you cared enough to plan ahead, relieving them of the tremendous stress of estate liquidation.

Charitable giving has many benefits which not only help you protect your assets but can include impressive tax reductions, avoidance of capital gains taxes, and reduced estate taxes. Plus, by becoming a Legacy Society member, you would be providing critical resources to the Foundation for the continuation of important programs.

Without prior planning, the government will determine the fate of your assets.  Be sure your will is up-to-date.   Don’t leave the responsibility for your legacy to chance or to others.

If you would like information on how to leave a lasting legacy and become a member of NCRF’s Legacy Society, contact B. J. Shorak, deputy executive director of NCRF, at 800-272-6272, ext. 126, or by email at

THANK YOU for considering NCRF in your estate planning.

NOTE:  NCRF strongly encourages you to consult with your personal financial planner, tax consultant, or legal counsel when considering a gift of this type, whether it’s to NCRF’s Legacy Society or to any other organization.