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Intersteno online keyboarding contest a fun event for competitors

More than 1,500 people from 20 different nations competed in Intersteno’s month-long Internet keyboarding contest.

“When I received an email [about the contest] in March, I was thrilled. It was a way I could be a part of Intersteno and not have to worry about travel expenses and insane dictation speeds,” said Julia Griffin, RPR, of Starke, Fla., who competed in the contest. “As anyone would, I would have loved to come in first. But 75th out of nearly 2,000 people isn’t shabby. I’m kind of proud of myself.”

The contest pits people from all over the world against each other on 10 minutes of text entry through a special software program available on the Intersteno website. All U.S. contestants were over 21 years of age and needed to produce a minimum of 240 characters per minute with a maximum error rate of 0.50%.

“There’s some awesome competition on the Net with some phenomenal typists, and it is really amazing how deep the competition is! The only thing that I am somewhat worried about is if I am going to improve. But typing is like anything: Practice makes perfect,” said Russell David Olsen, who placed 26th overall.

Results for the U.S. competitors are as follows:

Place Name School/Association Strokes per minute Total strokes Errors Error %
2 Sean Wrona Intersteno USA 808 8080 2 0.025
5 Jerry Lefler, RPR, CRR NCRA 854 8540 32 0.375
7 Jelani Nelson Intersteno USA 689 6894 12 0.174
11 Kelly D. Linkowski, RPR, CRR, CBC, CPE NCRA 670 6705 16 0.239
26 Russell David Olsen NCRA 572 5728 13 0.227
75 Julia Griffin, RPR NCRA 413 4130 5 0.121
91 Linda Kay Fritsch, RMR NCRA 389 3890 6 0.154
95 Mary Koromec NCRA 400 4004 9 0.225
103 Donna L. Linton, RMR NCRA 437 4373 18 0.412
153 Maellen Pittman, RDR, CLVS NCRA 370 3705 17 0.459