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Fingers fly at court-reporting championships

An Aug. 19 article in The Wall Street Journal covered the National Speed and Realtime Contests at the 2014 Convention & Expo, held July 31- Aug. 3 in San Francisco. The article compares the stenographic styles of Mark Kislingbury, RDR, CRR, who is famous for his use of briefs, and Jo Ann Bryce, RMR, CRR, who uses a more traditional method. Bryce ultimately won all five legs of each contest. “I am still in shock,” says Bryce in the article. “I know I did it—it just sort of seems surreal.”

The article, which includes a video with interviews from contestants, also discusses the rising demand for court reporters, as well as the importance of grammar to reporting, citing Teri Gaudet’s joke if next year’s committee members should wear shirts that say “Does anal-retentive have a hyphen?”

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