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Learn the latest about multi-input depositions at NCRA’s 2014 Legal Video Conference

A new session being offered at the 2014 NCRA Legal Video Conference, being held in Las Vegas, Oct. 17 – 19, will teach attendees how to merge the deposition video with an array of input devices such as laptops, iPads, and tablets, which are being used increasingly more often by attorneys.

The session, which is being taught by NCRA members Joe Cerda, CLVS, from Dallas, Texas, and Steve Crandall, J.D., CLVS, from Seattle, Wash., will outline what multi-input depositions are and how they have evolved over the years. This service is commonly referred to as Elmo (document camera) to PIP (Picture-in-Picture), and applies to multi-camera depositions.

“We will discuss what is needed to have the ability to merge the deposition video with a tangible piece of evidence or electronic evidence live during the deposition, and outline what preferred switchers/recorders to use and the various input devices that can be used by the attorney such as a laptop, iPad, Android tablet, or an Elmo,” Cerda said.

According to Cerda, video recording the deposition is the next best thing to a written transcript, and electronic documents and evidence are far better than printed document and evidence because electronic evidence is more interactive.

“The attorneys want the ability to interact live with the deponent so the witness can articulate through the evidence as it’s presented to them. This is the best form of preserving testimony for trial presentation. Using these devices in a depo and determining the best way to capture and preserve the articulation of the witness reviewing the electronic evidence with the attorney asking a question helps to tell a more complete visual chain of events,” he added.

Attendees at this year’s Legal Video Conference can also expect an array of sessions on the schedule that will highlight and demonstration the latest in equipment trends and production techniques. NCRA’s Legal Video Conference serves as the place to be for professionals who are seeking the nationally recognized professional certification of Certified Legal Videographer, or CLVS, as well as seasoned experts who are seeking continuing education units or just the opportunity to stay abreast of what’s new in the industry.

This year’s event also welcomes two new faculty members to the program. They are Don Cely, CLVS, from Greenville, S.C., a videographer affiliated with Huntridge Legal Video Services, and Mike Baily, RPR, CLVS, from Tulsa, Okla., and owner of Bailey Reporting & Video, Inc.

Registration for the 2104 NCRA’s Legal Video Conference is now open.