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What I carry in my bag

We asked the members of the Technology Committee what they carry in their bags (in addition to, of course, their steno machines). Here’s what they keep in their bags. See how your bag matches with theirs.

  • USB-to-serial cables
  • wireless router
  • iPad
  • Belkin SurgePlus swivel charger
  • iPad charger
  • power cords for computer and writer
  • a wired realtime kit with multiline block, just in case somebody wants or can only have a wired connection

Anthony D. Frisolone, RDR, CRR, CBC, CRI

Staten Island, N.Y.

  • equipment case: Tutto steno case – regular size, now available in fashion colors
  • power strip: Socket Sense with adjustable outlets
  • laptops: Surface Pro 3, which stenowriter connects to via Bluetooth or one USB port, and Dell laptop for LiveDeposition
  • realtime viewers: Asus netbook w/webcam (also loaded with my CAT software as backup), Dell netbook (1), iPads (2) in covers with stands


  • Bridge Mobile command cards customized with my company logo
  • Laptop stand w/tripod
  • Cisco Linksys EA4500 router with power cord (with “router” written on cord with silver Sharpie per Sue Terry’s brilliance – see photo)
  • Verizon MiFi w/power cord (with “MiFi” written on cord with silver Sharpie)

I use the internal microphone on my laptop but have the following backups in one of my zipper bags:

More zipper bags:

  • Belkin 4-port USB hub
  • Anker 5-port USB charger station and extra cellphone charger
  • multiple jump drives and SD cards
  • fashionable zipper bags to hold accessories (see photo)
  • Ethernet cable and a prayer for an Ethernet port in the conference room
  • headphones and earbuds

If I’m getting fancy:

  • Wifi portable hard drive (share digital exhibits in conference room)
  • Brookstone Pocket Projector (in theory to project exhibits from laptop; in reality, for grandkids to watch movies in backyard)

For editing at home or away: Asus external USB monitor, Logitech Bluetooth keyboard, Windows wireless wedge mouse, and Urban Junket laptop bag (I got it with a Groupon, I think, at a fraction of the cost).

This bag has saved my bacon more than once. It has a Joey charger and is designed so that charging cables can access the various pockets holding laptop and devices. And it’s made from 48 reclaimed plastic bottles. And it’s cute.

Robin Nodland, RDR, CRR

Portland, Ore.

In addition to my machine and computer, I carry:

  • cables for machine to computer
  • MiFi
  • iPad
  • extra 4MG SD card
  • three microphones in case two don’t work
  • USB mic for the computer
  • Depobook
  • flat extension cord
  • MonsterPower mini extension 4-plug cord
  • Notable
  • two tripods
  • Belkin surge protector device with two USB slots
  • iPad cord
  • mini USB power cord and extra plug-in mini USB power cord
  • Sennheiser NoiseGuard earphones
  • ear buds
  • cough drops
  • my business cards
  • tape
  • paperclips

Keith Lemons, RPR, CRR

Brentwood, Tenn.

In my everyday bag, outside of the ordinary:

I have a small bag that carries the Logitech C920 webcam with the Panasonic tripod that’s about eight inches.

  • I carry the Wand scanner (love whipping that out to scan something – not that apps aren’t great and better – but because counsel every time has the impression of, “Damn, that girl is prepared!”)
  • always have two iPads or one iPad and iPad mini
  • 100 GB wireless USB
  • office supplies: stapler, tape, Sharpies and highlighters in every color, rubber bands, paper clips, binder clips, Post-its in a variety of sizes
  • extra legal pads
  • Verizon hotspot – 4G gives me ten connects
  • USB mic from Sound Professionals on half golf-ball stand
  • variety of other types of mics (that I rarely ever use but carry around)
  • Ethernet cable
  • 6-plug surge protector, but in my side pocket, I have a variety of other types of plugs for varieties of situations including 8-foot extension cord.
  • dictation headphones – I like the small, light ones I can quickly snatch off or snap on my ears
  • extra SD cards and USBs for my writer

I do have a separate realtime bag that is for major realtime jobs or trials in which I have:

  • up to 10 more iPads
  • four throw-down netbooks
  • Stenocast with seven red/seven blue
  • USB keys with software and drivers on the key
  • extension microphones that can connect into my main USB mic for wiring to get sound at sidebars to avoid running to a corner for people to whisper up towards the judge in a circle around me
  • gaffer’s tape
  • extension cords up to 30 feet
  • plug-in USB hub
  • All kinds of little adapters and connectors to convert a large male end to a smaller one, a female adapter that accepts five male plugs
  • Extra tripod with two separate tables; one is square with rubber (great for making more secure), plus another table that extends out and has a cup holder.
  • HHDMI cables, and HDMI connects and cords for Apple products
  • extra Verizon hotspot

Christine Phipps, RPR

West Palm Beach, Fla.


  • laptop
  • iPad with charger
  • pens
  • pencils
  • Post-its
  • rubber bands
  • paper clips
  • lightweight notebooks

(I’m wireless, but I carry the items below for backup.)

  • two extension cords
  • extra machine battery charger
  • portable router with charger
  • realtime cables
  • lightweight rug
  • large roll of tape for cords

Teresa Russ, CRI

Lynwood, Calif.

Thanks to the members of NCRA’s Technology Committee for their help in creating this article.