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New Realtime Systems Administrators announced

NCRA announced its latest class of Realtime Systems Administrators, who completed the test at the 2015 NCRA TechCon event in Denver, Colo. They were:

Advilda Maria Beesley, RMR
Ginger Hall Brooks, RPR, CRR
Lisa A. Buell, RPR, CRR
Lori Byrd, RPR, CRR
Margie R. Dauster, RMR, CRR
Kimberly A. Fontalvo, RPR
James Gorski, CLVS
Leeann Keenan, RMR, CRR
Marc Lykken, CLVS
Toni C. O’Neill, RPR
Tyler Sibol
Kore Siegel
Katherine M. Stride, RPR
Kristin M. Vickery