Tips for overcoming realtime writing fears

Overcoming the fear of writing realtime can become easier if you follow the tips and suggestions shared with attendees of a session led by Marybeth Everhart, RPR, CRI, CPE, during NCRA’s 2015 TechCon event held in Denver, Colo.

Everhart told attendees that to help overcome their fears of writing realtime, they need to understand the three parts of the process: writing, connectivity as it relates to hooking up other people to be able to see the realtime being produced, and self-confidence.

“If any one of these parts is troubling for you, then you will have problems with producing quality realtime,” Everhart said.

Everhart said a good way to improve the quality of realtime writing is to make a commitment to practice writing for 15 minutes each day, followed by an analysis to see what mistakes were made.

“Don’t just do it; check it to see what mistakes you are making. Fixing something will improve your skills,” Everhart said. She suggested keeping a diary of mistakes. Writing the mistakes correctly will help increase quality by creating positive muscle memory and teaching the brain to stroke the right keys and avoid the same mistakes.

Other tips Everhart shared included:

  • Consider your translation rate. Stop and take a look at it right way. If you don’t remember hearing a word that you have written, proofread your practice with the audio.
  • Keep current with technology and learn everything about the software you are using and all of the features it offers.
  • Ask other reporters who are already writing realtime to help you learn how to connect your realtime system.
  • View webinars and attend seminars that offer realtime information and training.
  • TRAIN groups are free. Join one or start one.

Everhart also said that it is important to teach clients about realtime and its benefits: “Show it to them and create a market for yourself. Go to someone you really like. Tell them the benefits, to them and their clients, and the return on their investment in realtime. Provide them with a realtime feed for a portion of their deposition or depositions so they can experience it for themselves.”

By doing so, realtime writers can better educate their clients on how realtime works as well as show them that while it is also not always perfect and that some terms might not come up correctly, the end product will be accurate, Everhart explained. Set your clients’ expectations, she noted.

New Realtime Systems Administrators announced

NCRA announced its latest class of Realtime Systems Administrators, who completed the test at the 2015 NCRA TechCon event in Denver, Colo. They were:

Advilda Maria Beesley, RMR
Ginger Hall Brooks, RPR, CRR
Lisa A. Buell, RPR, CRR
Lori Byrd, RPR, CRR
Margie R. Dauster, RMR, CRR
Kimberly A. Fontalvo, RPR
James Gorski, CLVS
Leeann Keenan, RMR, CRR
Marc Lykken, CLVS
Toni C. O’Neill, RPR
Tyler Sibol
Kore Siegel
Katherine M. Stride, RPR
Kristin M. Vickery

For the latest in techie fashion, head to TechCon in Atlanta

With spring on the way, fashion designers around the world are gearing up to strut their stuff for the 2014 season. Don’t miss Mirabai Knight’s session on “wearable realtime” with an emphasis on captioning through Google Glass, which she will present at the NCRA TechCon 2014 in Atlanta on April 12.

Knight, RDR, CRR, CBC, CCP, is the sole proprietor of StenoKnight CART Services, Queens, N.Y., which provides services to deaf and hard-of-hearing students and professionals on-site in New York City and remotely across the country. Recognized as one of the profession’s experts on leading-edge technology, she is also involved in the development of various apps and has recently learned to CueSpeech. Knight’s latest blog post features a video of her cueing They Can’t Take That Away From Me, as sung by Billie Holiday.

NCRA TechCon 2014, the premier technology-focused event that promises cutting-edge, creative, and innovative sessions, workshops, and specialized educational tracks led by dynamic and informative speakers who represent the top experts in their fields, is being held April 11-13 in Atlanta, Ga.

For information including more about the scheduled workshops or sessions, or to register, visit

Learn from the best technology experts in the court reporting profession at TechCon

Surround yourself with the best of the best experts in court reporting, legal videography, and other technology related to the legal profession at NCRA’s 2014 TechCon event, April 11-13 in Atlanta, Ga.

“The speakers at TechCon really are the experts in technology in our field. They are intellectually curious about how to apply the latest software, hardware, apps, gadgets—you name it—to our industry to make the job we do more impressive, easier, and just better,” says Robin Nodland, RDR, CRR, from Portland, Ore., who serves as chair of NCRA’s Technology Evaluation Committee. “I overheard a comment in a seminar at last year’s TechCon by someone who noted that a tip they had just learned paid for the whole trip. If you’re a court reporting technology nerd, or a wannabe nerd, TechCon is the event to attend.”

Among the featured sessions includes the two-part “Streaming realtime to mobile devices,” which will be taught by Kim Neeson, RPR, CRR, CBC, CCP, Christine Phipps, RPR, and Sue Terry, RPR, CRR, FAPR.

“This two-part session will include everything you need to know about streaming realtime solutions from A to Z,” says Phipps from West Palm Beach, Fla. “After taking this session, attendees will never have to lose out again for an off-the-cuff request for realtime, whether the request comes from locally in the room or from Egypt.”

The two-part “Streaming realtime to mobile devices” will also touch on various ways to deliver services, routers, creating connections, and the technology involved in setup from a reporter’s side and the attorney’s receiving side, as well as the latest in technology being used for iPads and other newer devices.

“So much has changed in the business from what equipment we are carrying around to how we interface with it. Technology has made everything so much simpler, the steps to connecting and sending so much smaller,” says Neeson, from Toronto, Ontario. “Today it is more about efficiency and the ability to deliver services via multiple platforms. This is really about the ultimate in client services and being able to deliver them the way the client wants them delivered.”

NCRA’s TechCon 2014 is being held at the Grand Hyatt Atlanta in Buckhead, Atlanta, Ga. For more information, including scheduled workshops and sessions or to register, visit

Head to Atlanta for a bit of education with a twist of tech

Registration is now open for NCRA’s 2014 TechCon event April 11 – 13 in Atlanta, Ga. Join colleagues, peers, and new acquaintances from the court reporting, legal videographer, and trial presenter fields as well as other legal professionals, all looking to increase their skills and earn CEUs while learning about the latest in technology.

NCRA’s 2014 TechCon is the premier technology-focused event that promises cutting-edge sessions and workshops, including specialized educational tracks such as the Certified Legal Video Specialist Seminar, the Realtime Systems Administrator Workshop, which helps boost the value of CLVSs by increasing their skills related to dealing with variations of realtime systems including hook ups, and the Trial Presentation Workshop, for anyone interested in presentation in court, arbitration, or who wants a better understanding of what is required for trial presentation. New to the schedule this year is the RSA Prep Course, designed to provide attendees with the information they will need to ensure success when taking the RSA Workshop. TechCon sessions are always innovative, creative, and cutting edge and are led by dynamic and informative speakers who represent the top experts in their fields.

Other highlights on this year’s program include the ever popular Ignite networking session, which offers a unique combination of informal social networking with a thought-provoking presentation format, and the vendor speed dating session, where attendees can get to know the vendors who provide services and products to the court reporting profession.

NCRA’s TechCon 2014 is being held at the Grand Hyatt Atlanta in Buckhead, Atlanta, Ga. For information including more about the scheduled workshops or sessions, or to register, please visit

Review: TechCon: What is it all about?


TechCon brings the brightest and most knowledgeable to the remote and curious freelance reporter. So much information bombards us every day, much of which is technical in nature. For the freelance court reporter who is on his or her own most of the time, the choices and decisions can be daunting. There are options coming at you from state and national court reporting associations, the Internet, and from fellow reporters. I have been freelance court reporting since 1980, always proud of this profession and striving to be the best I can. The first time I saw the TechCon conference advertised, I vowed to attend as soon as I could arrange it, and Arizona turned out to be the perfect choice.

Wow, what a great experience! From the charming, informative, and fascinating stories of Sue Terry, RPR, CRR, and Judy Werlinger, RMR, CRR, CMRS, regarding their adventures in realtime, to the nuts and bolts technology brainbusters of Daniel Bistany, TechCon was everything I had hoped for and more. I solidified my choices on some of the gadgets and programs I use, but, more importantly, I zeroed in on what routers, hotspots, websites, and apps, to mention a few, were the best out there for my particular applications. For those of us who are writing realtime, the technology is changing all the time and can be hard to keep up with. This conference was invaluable with having all of these experts in one place. They were extremely helpful with any questions we had and also with informative recommendations.

I would recommend this conference to all reporters and want to thank the presenters and vendors for the pride and confidence they have in this profession and for sharing their knowledge and wisdom with not only each other, but with us remote reporters who are many times on our own.

Sometimes when we as reporters are assessing how to obtain our CEU points, it is very tempting to take advantage of the many cheap online options. I would encourage all my colleagues to take into consideration the priceless nature of networking with fellow reporters; not just in the traditional sense of developing clients, but creating friendships and troubleshooting issues that plague us from time to time. What I am always struck by when attending these in-person conferences is the generosity of my profession and willingness to always lend a helping hand.

NCRA announces TechCon 2014


In just a few short years, TechCon has become a favorite with NCRA members as the unique event that brings together court reporters, legal videographers, trial presenters, and others to learn about the latest developments in legal technology. TechCon 2014 is officially slated for April 11-13 at the Grand Hyatt Atlanta in the Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta, Ga. Along with a new slate of seminars designed to increase your knowledge and comfort level with regard to technology, TechCon 2014 will also feature the return of NCRA’s Ignite session, which has generated laughs and thousands of views at Attendees will also have the opportunity to pursue NCRA’s CRR and CLVS certifications, as well as the Trial Presentation Professional and Realtime Systems Administrator certificates. More details about the event will be coming soon in the JCR and online at

What happened @ TECHCON 2013?

NCRA’s second technology conference offered ample chances for attendees to network and learn more about the profession and the continuing influx of technology in the field.

Ignite speaker Maureen Walsh (left) compared making mistakes to the explosion of the Hindenburg, but said education truly helps people work to their highest potential.

Ignite speaker Maureen Walsh (left) compared making mistakes to the explosion of the Hindenburg, but said education truly helps people work to their highest potential.

Providing ample opportunities for attendees to share information, exchange ideas, and expand their professional networks , TechCon 2013 attracted hundreds of legal professionals from different corners of the industry. The event, held April 19-21, combined the best of NCRA’s technology workshops with unique approaches to conference learning, tailored specifically for court reporters, legal videographers, and trial presenters.

In her welcome letter, NCRA’s president Tami Smith Keenan, RPR, CPE, encouraged attendees to not only enjoy the opportunities to network with their peers but to be excited to learn from a dynamic group of expert speakers.

“Get ready to be inspired to envision your future, discover new trends and technology, and advance your skills,” said Smith Keenan.

The program included nearly 30 legal tech labs over the course of the event, and the topics ranged from emerging trends and gadgets, taking your profession mobile, and international depositions, to focus groups and panel discussions that covered various aspects of legal technology.


One of the focus groups discussed selling and delivering tech-based services to attorneys. Panelists Mark E. Lassiter, J.D.; Geoffrey Thomas, J.D.; and Steve Crandall, J.D., CLVS; with moderator Christina Lewellen, MBA, NCRA senior director of marketing and communications, led the conversation on the ever-changing legal industry, including the changes in structural make-up of several law firms and how to communicate the value of services to clients.

Lassiter explained that in the current marketplace lawyers are struggling to find work, which is causing many law firm partners to look into restructuring their organizations and how they conduct business. Clients are pressuring attorneys to abandon the long-standing hourly approach to legal services in favor of flat-fee project management, he said, adding that this approach would provide clients with clearer expectations for what pursuing a lawsuit or defending a lawsuit might cost.

He suggested that court reporters and court reporting firms might be asked to consider restructuring their fee arrangement as well, in order to better align with and compete in this shifting environment. Some attendees in the room mentioned that some law firm clients have asked for quotes based on the number of depositions rather than the traditional per-page structure. Lassiter confirmed that this request is likely to increase in frequency for court reporters and court reporting firms. “Everybody, including the lawyers, has to give more and better service at a lower cost,” he said.

Thomas and Crandall weighed in on the importance of court reporters making the extra effort to sell the value of their service in order to ensure business. Crandall suggested offering transcript-synchronized video and maintaining active connections on social media outlets, as well as attaining referrals, as possible ways to increase business. “Explain the other options that are available and be sure to follow up, ask how you did, and encourage feedback from your clients,” he advised.

In addition, Lassiter expressed the importance of leveraging time spent in front of a captive audience. For example, rather than trying to set up a separate appointment in a packed schedule, catching a lawyer during the cleanup of a deposition may be the perfect time to express the value you bring to the table and how it plays an integral role in today’s market. “Know your market, know your customer,” he said.


Another highlight of the conference included a cross-functional panel discussion about what emerging trends mean for the future of the legal technology industry, led by NCRA Executive Director and CEO Jim Cudahy. Referencing more than 6,300 survey responses, the panelists Brian Clune, CLVS, Tim Piganelli, NCRA Trial Presentation Professional, and Robin Nodland, RDR, CRR, discussed what the data indicates about court reporters, legal videographers, and trial presenters.

Other survey results reviewed in significant detail during the session included the popularity of Windows in the legal industry and constructive uses for social media. The importance of how social media is being utilized by the profession was especially brought to light by the fact that more than 40 percent of those surveyed said they access Facebook on a daily basis.

“You have to be the master of your social media,” said Clune. “Know what you are putting up.”

According to several of the speakers over the course of this year’s TechCon event, cloud-based computing, syncing programs, and Web security are crucial to the mobile court reporter, and many noted that as the profession transitions, it is important to keep an eye on these technologies and the changes that are still to come.

Daniel Bistany of Breeze IT, Inc., reminded attendees of the importance of securing your network and devices especially while on-the-go. After demonstrating a Google search of the word “password,” one search result displayed a list of more than 2,150,000 common passwords. This reinforced the need for careful selection of passwords, being sure to use a combination of upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols, while avoiding common selections. Bistany also suggested that wireless Internet passwords be changed on a quarterly basis.


CLVS Council members offered several hands-on sessions that provided small group instruction and gave attendees the opportunity to get up close and personal with common video deposition equipment. Session attendees also had the chance to ask questions about video depositions and CLVS Production Exam preparation. Gilley Delorimier, CLVS, presented the basics of legal videography. From basic professionalism to set-up and test runs, Delorimier made sure to walk attendees through a typical day on the job. He reminded the audience to “earn the business by consistently doing everything right.”


The Vendor Speed Dating and the Ignite session and reception were other highlights at this year’s TechCon. Vendors were each given five minutes during the speed dating session to share their company’s latest products and why they matter to the court reporting business. (For more information, be sure to read the full recap on this year’s TechCon vendors on the NCRA website at

The Ignite session and reception, where learning is merged with entertainment, was back by popular demand after its debut at last year’s TechCon event. Ignite engaged the audience with six, fast-paced, fun, and thought-provoking presentations that engaged and entertained the audience. Visit NCRA’s YouTube Channel to see the footage of this year’s presenters, or visit Check for updates about the event.

Report on the state of vendor technology

At NCRA’s TechCon held in April, members of the association’s Technology Evaluation Committee conducted interviews with the exhibiting vendors to learn more about their products and services, and plans for the future. Below are the highlights from each interview.


About the company: is based in Florida and has been in existence for nearly a decade. It is primarily a provider of audio conferencing bridge services with a focus in the legal arena. What differentiates them from other companies is that their billing practice invoices the participants in a case and then pays a commission to the court reporting firm that has arranged for the company’s services. The commissions are paid immediately even before invoices are paid by the participants.

Products/Services: To use Deposition Conferencing.Com services, companies sign up for an account and are provided a participant code when they refer clients. To monitor the number of participants in a call, the company provides each reporting firm and the law firm or client with a toll free number and then compares a call report with the reporter’s list of who was attending the deposition by phone.

Currently Deposition Conferencing is focused on growing its legal business and is in the development stages of producing a Web-based streaming service with plans to unveil the new service at NCRA’s Convention & Expo in August. The goal is to make it easy for both reporters and attorneys to do business while maintaining its current billing to the remote participants and paying commissions to the reporting firm that arranges for the deposition.

The new service will allow users on the receiving end of the stream to use their choice of browsers or an iPad app in order to remotely participate in the deposition. To secure ownership of the transcripts, users will be allowed to make marks but not able to save them for the participants to view. Several members of NCRA’s Technology Evaluation Committee expressed concerns that some clients will want to maintain the information they have added to the text, even if it’s highlighting, and recommended that there be a save/ no save option.

Other security features will include:

  • Users will dial in for the audio, making it separate from the video, to ensure a fail-safe solution.
  • Limiting the bandwidth used by the service will avoid conflicts with others streaming video on the law firm’s network.
  • Security will be encrypted streaming.

Because DepositionConferencing.Com doesn’t believe that wireless will ever be able to compete with the performance of hard-wired connections, the company recommends all users to be hard-wired where possible, to prevent relying on the vagaries of wireless communication. Its base product is planned to be one-way only — not video back and forth — due to the bandwidth challenges that may be present depending upon how all participants are connecting to the service. urges NCRA to encourage their members to embrace and accept technology and better educate their clients on what court reporters do as well as what services are available. For more information about Deposition-, visit www.Deposition


About the company: eDepoze is based in Irvine, Calif., and provides litigation software that enables depositions using electronic exhibits through an iPad app interface. The product, designed for attorneys by attorneys, retains the benefits of the paper exhibit process but provides a method for taking depositions using electronic documents, which can be introduced and shared either locally or remotely.

Products/Services: The company has been in a limited release mode but is about to make its general public release.

Reporting firms will resell the eDepoze service to their clients on a per-deposition basis. Once the reporting company sets a user up with access to eDepoze through their personal branded website, users can operate the entire process themselves. Reporters can have as little or as much interaction with their clients as desired.

Before a deposition, users review and determine which documents they may want to use as exhibits, set up a new deposition session on the eDepoze system, then upload their potential exhibits in PDF format to that deposition session via eDepoze’s cloud-based repository. Users then conduct the deposition using the eDepoze iPad app. Exhibits are introduced one at a time by marking them with an electronic exhibit sticker, then sharing the exhibit with everyone logged into the deposition session.

Once an exhibit has been introduced, each participant can review and annotate his or her own personal copy. The witness also can annotate exhibits, and the annotated version is captured directly from the witness’s iPad so it can be introduced as a standalone exhibit. Users do not have access to each other’s personal documents. Since the documents are stored on the cloud, eDepoze members have immediate access to the official exhibits that have been marked and introduced at the deposition. Guest users (who do not pay for the service) will not be able to access the exhibits at the end of the deposition.

Once a deposition is z the official exhibit folder for the deposition. In addition, he or she can download and zip the files and email them to other participants. The files are also available as individual PDFs and can be linked in a number of litigation support products.

eDepoze is in the process of releasing online tutorials, certain of which they would like to share with NCRA to link back to their website. In the coming year, the company plans to integrate its service with a variety of other products available in the reporting profession, such as trial presentation and realtime sessions.

For more information about eDepoze, visit


About the company: Integrated Realtime was started in 2013 and is based out of New York City. The company provides turnkey hardware/software solutions to both reporters and agencies that either do not feel tech savvy enough to put all the pieces together or do not have the time. The product was designed in response to a gap between a reporter’s skill set as a reporter and his or her skill set as it relates to technology. Integrated Realtime’s goal is to build a business that relieves reporters of the stress of hardware/software selection and implementation. The company’s Integrated Realtime kits can be purchased, leased, or rented.

Products/Services: The company markets its realtime kits to reporters throughout the United States. Its onsite technical support is focused on the New York City area with planned expansion to include other major metropolitan areas. The company can also serve as a remote IT department for small- to medium-sized reporting agencies or individual reporters. The company queries potential clients on the types of software they use, such as CAT, realtime, etc., and then configures the hardware and installs the software on the client’s laptop or iPad, configures the routers, and provides the reporter with a realtime solution just about out of the box.

Integrated Realtime normally provides the laptops and iPads so that clients don’t have to use their own. The company has also standardized the hardware it uses in its realtime kits, and can also modify hardware to the specific needs of a user, for example, running an Apple Mac or PC-specific CAT applications. Integrated Realtime also provides training separate from the training provided with its realtime kits.

The company’s goal is to be recognized as the reporting profession’s system integrator and is interested in partnering with real time service providers to serve as the integrator of software, hardware, and service, to ensure all systems work together seamlessly. Security is also a concern for the company, and it is implementing best practices as it integrates hardware, software, and realtime service.

Integrated Realtime is willing to provide NCRA with documents that can be linked back to its website to assist reporters interested in using its services.

For more information about products and services, visit www.Integrated Realtime


About the company: is a leading provider of Web-based live deposition and video conferencing solutions. The company’s cutting-edge technologies provide the legal industry with a no-download-required, hassle-free way to stay connected, allowing reporters, paralegals, industry experts, and legal teams to streamline the litigation process by conducting realtime depositions and online meetings. The company is based in Sherman Oaks, Calif., and provides 24/7 live phone support. Features include:

  • No software downloads: The only requirement to join a live deposition is a high-speed Internet connection.
  • 100 percent Web-based solution: Depositions are instantly conducted in realtime with anyone, from anywhere, at any time.
  • Simple deposition scheduling: Built-in invitation tools allow deposition hosts to easily send an email containing deposition details, such as URL, date, and time.
  • Multiple platform and browser compatible: Service works on PC, Mac, and Linux machines, plus apps are available for Android and Apple mobile devices.
  • Live video feeds: No bulky external hardware components are required to stream video in realtime. Video can be broadcast through a common web camera.
  • Audio broadcasting: Attendees can listen to what an interviewee is saying instantly through built-in VoIP or Toll-Free Conferencing.
  • Streaming transcription text: As information is entered into a steno machine, the data is formatted and displayed in real time within the deposition room.
  • Secure instant messaging: Private Group Chat feature allows instant feedback from team members or anyone connected to your group.
  • Built-in collaboration tools: gives clients the ability to load and view exhibits in realtime, so everyone is on the same page no matter their geographical location.

For more information about products and services, visit


About the company: ProCAT is a leading provider of software, electronic stenotype, and hardware to the court reporting and closed-captioning industries. Founded in 1982, the company is based Calabasas, Calif., and introduced the first PC-based computer-aided transcription software.

Products/Services: The company’s new Impression writer is considered one of the most technologically advanced portable realtime writers. New enhancements include increased processing power to allow for the ability to translate and to provide remote CART and remote depositions from the writer via a wireless router to an attorney’s PC. Other enhancements include the ability to import existing transcripts and dictionaries onto the writer and customized keyboards similar to other CAT products designed to aid with simple transitions by new users of the Winner writer.

Recent upgrades to the Winner writer software include dual channel audio, which allows individual microphones to be set up for the witnesses and the attorney, enabling the reporter to separate the channels and listen independently when two parties speak over one another.

Users also have the ability to email transcripts created with software dating back to 1997 and the ability to store files directly to Google Drive and SkyDrive.

ProCAT has announced enhancements to its Winner Vox that will include the ability of a reporter to switch between stenographic and vox.

For more information about products and services, visit


About the company: RealLegal provides transcript management tools to court reporting firms, freelance reporters, official reporters, courts, and law firms. Developed with input from both court reporting and legal professionals, these distinctive products fit into the unique workflow of the litigation process. The result is greater efficiency, lower costs, and more opportunity for real growth. The company is based in San Francisco, Calif., and is owned by Thomson Reuters.

Products/Services: The company offers an array of products that include:

  • E-Transcript, which produces secure, custom-formatted, electronic transcripts with tamperproof electronic signatures;
  • West Publisher 5.5, which combines all transcripts, exhibits, and video into a single bundle for clients, using RealLegal Publisher 4.0, LiveNote LEFMaker, and Case Notebook;
  • iBinder, which provides clients with on-demand access to transcripts, exhibits, and video files and operates seamlessly with RealLegal Publisher. Binders can be delivered via CD, DVD, or through the Internet to an encrypted and secure Real – Legal iBinder site;
  • LiveNote Stream, which connects off-site participants to live depositions and trials by streaming live broadcasts to authorized clients; and
  • Case Notebook, which allows attorneys to organize, analyze, and collaborate transcripts, exhibits, and video clips received from court reporters into an electronic case file.

RealLegal is working to increase the awareness of professionals in the litigation arena about the products and services it offers, including free, unlimited training, support, and upgrades. The company recently released enhancements to its iPad and iPhone viewers to allow access to electronic files, and Etrans V9, which can create searchable PDFs.

Watch for additional new product and service launches later in the summer. For more information about products and services, visit


About the company: StenoCAT is owned by Gigatron Software Company, based in Irvine, Calif., and delivers the latest in court reporting software designed to work with nearly all writers on the market.

Products/Services: StenoCAT is currently working on a new realtime browser that will be designed to work with any mobile device including iPad and Android devices. The product will be Web-browser based for application in a LAN environment.

StenoCAT also has developed a steno machine iPad app called “iStenoPad,” which is free of charge and can be downloaded via the iTunes app store. A dictionary can be added to the new app, and it can be connected to a CAT system with an addon purchase of iStenoDock for realtime and file transfers. A keyboard overlay is also available for purchase to help users with key touch.

While the company has no plans to create a repository for reporters, its software works well with Dropbox and SkyDrive. The company also offers instructional videos and files on using either Dropbox or Skydrive with its software and is in the process of creating additional educational materials such as videos and tutorials covering such topics as networking. Some popular features of StenoCAT are the new SmartBriefs, seating charts, autosave, integrated address book, Internet search capability, and PDF with digital and/or electronic signatures.

StenoCAT charges an initial start-up fee for new users, plus a first-year subscription. After the first year, users can renew their subscriptions on a one-month, three-month, six-month, or one-year basis.

For more information about products and services, visit


About the company: Stenograph was founded more than 75 years ago and is considered a leading supplier of productivity tools for the court reporting profession, including the developer of shorthand writers and computer-aided transcription software. The company is based in Elmhurst, Ill.

Products/Services: Stenograph is currently beta testing a new product designed to use a wide area network and allow CVN to work over the Internet for users of its CATalyst software. The product is intended to stream realtime text to either a remote attendee, or it can be used on-site.

The easy-to-use new product requires users to select their output to CVN in CATalyst, and enter a realtime stream access code that could be purchased on a weekly, month, or yearly schedule. The company is also moving toward open standards so that CAT transcripts could be opened through Open Office. In addition, Stenograph is working to identify ways to encourage more people to become court reporters, including finding ways to get students through school quicker and pushing steno games to potential students to help increase interest in the profession.

For more information about products and services, visit


About the company: Visionary Legal Technologies is a legal software company that offers powerful, easy-to-use trial presentation software, and trial presentation services. Based in Addison, Texas, the company developed Auto Syncing, which uses voice recognition technology to sync deposition transcripts to the deposition video for use in trial presentation software.

Products/Services: Visionary has 16 products designed to aid the litigator from discovery through appeal. Currently, the company is reviewing how to integrate their products with tablets.

Among the products Visionary offers is VPrint, which uses secure digital signatures in documents and password-protected PDFs for e-filing of appellate transcripts; REDI for courts, a synch product that produces transcript plus audio; and V-Net, a repository product that includes transcripts with hyperlinked exhibits, and access to video/audio.

Visionary Legal Technologies also offers LiveFeed Remote, a streaming product that works with all known steno providers.

The company currently offers a variety of Web-based training materials on their company website, in addition to offering training services for a fee.

For more information about products and services, visit www.Visionary Legal


About the company: YesLaw is based in Santa Clara, Calif., and provides repository, transcript production software, and synchronization services to professionals working in the legal arena, including freelancers and firm owners.

Products/Services: YesLaw provides YesLaw Online, a unique cloud-based website that allows users to upload video, transcripts, and other documents. Users of the service can view deposition transcripts, linked exhibit documents, and synchronized video, as well as highlight, annotate, and make video clips of important transcript passages. The YesLaw Online toolset provides always-available access to search and review case content by Web browsers and mobile devices.

The company is serious about the issues of security and confidentiality and maintains all client data in an encrypted format stored in a secure facility. Modes of delivery of transcripts and other documents are also safeguarded by delivery through the cloud.

YesLaw offers an array of written educational materials in PDF format geared toward attorneys, as well as a variety of product-specific material. The company is interested in providing links to the NCRA website to provide members with easy access to educational materials, and has offered NCRA the opportunity to host YesLaw training videos.

Currently, the company is providing a variety of solutions with other vendors to integrate their products and services into the YesLaw production software.

For more information about services and products, visit

This article was produced on behalf of NCRA’s Technology Evaluation Committee.

Registration for TECHCON now open

Registration is now open for NCRA’s TechCon 2013 to be held April 19-21 at the DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Paradise Valley in Scottsdale, Ariz. TechCon 2013 will bring cutting-edge seminars on technology together with its three legal programs, the Certified Legal Video Specialist program, the Realtime Systems Administrator program, and the Trial Presentation program. In addition to bringing back the well-received Ignite program, NCRA will be offering new formats for learning at TechCon 2013.

Registration is now open for NCRA’s TechCon 2013 to be held April 19-21 at the DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Paradise Valley in Scottsdale, Ariz. TechCon 2013 will bring cutting-edge seminars on technology together with its three legal programs, the Certified Legal Video Specialist program, the Realtime Systems Administrator program, and the Trial Presentation program. In addition to bringing back the well-received Ignite program, NCRA will be offering new formats for learning at TechCon 2013.

More information about the event, including registration, is online at