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Don’t let potential opportunities pass you by

Earlier this year, NCRA’s New Markets Task Force identified a significant opportunity for NCRA members to deliver realtime court reporting services in the legal, health care, and financial industries through a partnership with InReach, a leading provider of continuing education management solutions headquartered in Austin, Texas. To date, nearly two dozen NCRA members have been included on a list of candidates for potential assignments that has been forwarded to InReach.

The company is the first and most widely used solution for bringing accredited continuing education online. In addition, InReach’s technology, services, and experience have helped hundreds of organizations, including bar and medical associations in Florida, California, Texas, and Ohio, expand their continuing professional education programs beyond in-person events. In fact, InReach, which also partners with NCRA to provide a third-party platform for hosting its learning catalog, has the capacity to reach three-quarters of the legal professionals in the nation.

InReach is working with its clients to improve the overall quality of their online educational offerings, including the design of course curriculum and the marketing of educational courses. This year, the company is focused on making its online education platform accessible to end users who are deaf and hard of hearing with the use of realtime captioning for live webcast events. This lofty goal is quite timely given the fact that this year will likely see an overhaul of the Americans with Disabilities Act, meaning many InReach clients will be required to meet certain accessibility mandates while other clients may want to provide realtime captioning services simply because it makes good business sense to do so. In addition, since many state bar associations are viewed as quasi state agencies and as an arm of the court, their rules and regulations regarding accessibility may even be under greater scrutiny.

To meet this challenge, InReach reached out to NCRA and the New Markets Task Force with a request to support their groundbreaking efforts by linking realtime court reporters with InReach’s clients nationwide. Information about NCRA and live event captioning will be made available to InReach clients.

NCRA members who hold the Certified Realtime Reporter, Certified Broadcast Captioner, or Certified CART Provider certifications and want to be considered by InReach for any available opportunities should contact Annemarie Roketenetz, NCRA’s Assistant Director of Communications, at All qualified applicants will be included on a list that will be continuously updated and compiled on behalf of InReach.