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E-seminar review: Power Posture II

In the second part of her e-seminar series, Marilynn Larkin discusses the importance of good posture. Larkin is the owner/creator of PosturAbility, a posture enhancement-and-awareness program that addresses the physical and emotional benefits of better posture.

In Power Posture II, Larkin reviews the connection between posture and feelings. In addition to providing a quick review of the emotional benefits of good posture, she gives quick tools at the end of the e-seminar and discusses how to build confidence.

In her presentation, she reviews research, which shows how the body and mind are connected and affect each other. Larkin reviews the power pose and shows examples. Boosting one’s presence, by the way a person walks and dresses, can also have a major impact on confidence. For example, doing power poses and using a voice of authority can lead to more self-confidence, self-esteem, and better presentation. Good posture, Larkin adds, “affects all aspects of your life, not just work.”

This e-seminar is available in NCRA’S online collection, along with the first in the series.