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NCRA earns spot in Guinness record book

Guinness attempt1
Mike Nelson and Steve Zinone look good in Post-it notes

NCRA 2015-2016 President Steve Zinone and Executive Director and CEO Mike Nelson battled it out during the opening reception at the Association’s Convention & Expo taking place in New York City July 30-Aug. 2. The two met to try to beat the current world record for the number of post-it notes stuck onto one person in five minutes.

The record to beat was 674 post-it notes and was held by a gentleman in Japan. Zinone, however, proved to be a fierce competitor and was assisted by a team of court reporting students to break the record with whopping 691 post-it notes stuck to him at the end of five minutes. Nelson, whose team was comprised of members of the NCRA Board of Directors, barely reached the previous record having only had a tad more than 630 post-it notes stuck to him in the five minutes allotted.

Attendees write their favorite thing about court reporting on Post-it notes

The entertaining event served to mark the finish of NCRA’s aggressive phase of the Take Note campaign launched at last year’s convention in San Francisco. It was kicked off with post-it notes scattered throughout the hotel. The campaign, which was developed to raise awareness about court reporting as a viable and lucrative profession, as well as showcase the fact that there will be an estimated 5,000 job openings in the next several years, will continue in a maintenance mode and will remain under the watch of BowStern, the Florida-based public relations firm that developed it.

Watch the video.