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The 12 gifts of court reporting tech

TechLinks_logoBy Christine Phipps

Here is a short list of cool tech gadgets that court reporters would love, including a few little stocking stuffers.

  1. iShowFast USB Flash Drive: Are you in need of an Apple USB? The iShowFast is billed as the world’s fastest USB flash drive.
  2. Glass Touch Smart Keyboard: It’s both an ultra-slim keyboard and a mouse. It uses a touch sensitive key controller and a gesture-controller as well, so you can choose between keyboard or gesture mode. I am in love with this glass keyboard.
  3. Magic Glass Touchpad: Compatible with Apple and Windows systems, this transparent smart screen, with a touch-sensitive control, lets your fingers swipe freely through all kinds of media.
  4. The Tile App: This was a favorite of mine last year. Connect a tile to whatever you lose most regularly for an easy way to find it again. Attach, stick, or place Tiles inside everyday items and keep track of them with an app.
  5. Tripod with Remote Shutter for iPhone: I love that this cute tripod comes with a remote shutter for iPhone.
  6. Kikkerland US005-W White Music Branch 3-Way Headphone Splitter: Ever wanted someone else to listen in to a file, whether a CAT .wav or sharing a movie on a plane? This three-way headphone splitter is the solution you’ve been looking for.
  7. The Quick Lock: I have always hated padlocks with keys and hated the combination locks. It reminds me of the horrors of middle school. So while this is a little pricier for a stocking stuffer, I am glad this Bluetooth-enabled padlock has finally come to market.
  8. Glowing Charge Cables: I chose this item because I bore easy and because I like a little bling and excitement. The charging cables glow in green or blue.
  9. Flight 001 4-in-1 Adapter: This item includes four color-coded plugs, using the JA/C READY adapter system, and it allows travelers to easily adapt to electrical systems in more than 150 countries. It’s genius for the world-traveling court reporters.
  10. The Airhook: This is another great gift for the frequent traveler. Have you ever had to gulp down your drink on a plane just to put the tray back up? Well, no more. The Airhook offers several different ways to attach, ensuring you can stay hydrated.
  11. Pocket Corkscrew: Truly, some workdays can lead you to drink. This pocket corkscrew makes sure you are always prepared.
  12. Awesome Foursome Golf Balls: While this is not exactly a tech gift, I love these trick golf balls. I have a partner who is just a bit too serious about his golf game, but I would volunteer to drive the cart around if I could pull off these four pranks.

Christine Phipps, RPR, of North Palm Beach, Fla., is co-chair of NCRA’s Technology Committee. She can be reached at