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TechLinks: The latest on Windows 10, iOS9, and bad passwords

TechLinks_logoNCRA’s Technology Committee shared links with information on Microsoft Windows 10, iOS 9, and this year’s worst passwords.

Nancy L. Bistany, RPR, of Chicago, Ill., Co-chair of NCRA’s Technology Committee, pointed out a white paper by the VMware Team on how the Windows operating systems evolved into a cloud and mobile-based system, giving people insight in how to use this tool effectively. Read more.

Bistany also noted an article from iDropNews on the beta version of iOS 9.3, the latest mobile update for Apple products including the iPhones, iPads, and iPod Touch devices. The beta version includes a feature called Night Shift, which is supposed to alter, or shift, the colors of an iOS device’s display to the warmer, complementary end of the color spectrum in the evening time — thus reducing a user’s exposure to those otherwise lively and awakening blue hues that we see by default. Read more.

Christine Phipps, RPR, Co-chair of NCRA’s Technology Committee, reminded reporters to be smart about their passwords. Recently, SplashData released its annual list of the top bad passwords. “If any resemble your current passwords,” Phipps advises, “you may want to consider changing them immediately.” Read more.