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Personal skills, realtime top strengths of profession

Photo by: Brett Curtiss

The Question of the Week in the April 13 JCR Weekly asked respondents “What is your biggest strength in your job?” NCRA members’ inspiring answers reflected the variety of skills at which court reporters, captioners, and legal videographers excel. The complete list is below. (All respondents had the opportunity to attach their names to their responses.)

  • Perfectionist. –Anonymous
  • Writing realtime. Love it! –Debra Joyce, RMR, CRR, CRC
  • Realtime. — I get every bit of the benefits before the judge and/or counsel, who also benefit. –Christine Taylor, RPR, CRR
  • I am always looking for ways to better myself, improve my skills, learn something new, move forward in my profession. –Mary E. Gladwell, RMR, CRR
  • Accuracy, speed, fast turnaround. –Anonymous
  • Organization. –Renee Rape, RPR
  • My personality and my good work product. –Julie Kibler, RPR
  • Dependability. –Patricia Schneider, RDR, CRR
  • Experience. –Linda L. Taylor
  • I believe my biggest strength at this point in my career is experience. Just recently I blushed when another reporter contacted me to tell me in her 20 years of reporting she was very impressed with my flawless transcript, crème of the crop. It wasn’t an easy case. It was nice to be acknowledged like that after a hard day in court. –Donna L. Linton, RMR
  • I am very smart, have an extensive vocabulary, and am constantly striving to learn. –Anonymous
  • Attention to detail and initiative. –Grant Morrison, CRI
  • Love of reading and words. Patience helps a lot also. –Mary Baumann, RPR
  • Experience! –Diane Molas, RDR, CRI
  • My professionalism and desire to work as a team member. –Anonymous
  • My organizational skills. –Meredith A. Shoemaker
  • Knowing that integrity of the record and putting that as my number one priority is the most important thing we can do in our jobs as court reporters; this, my biggest strength. –Wilma Porter, RMR (Ret.)
  • Professionalism and poise. –Sara Z. Czartolomna
  • Quick turnaround on transcripts. –Anonymous
  • Perfection on transcripts. –Debbie Paulk Mixon, RPR, CRR
  • Marketing our technology. –Sandy VanderPol, RMR, CRR
  • Writing skills. –Lory Minio, RPR
  • Calm under pressure. –Anonymous
  • Confidence in my ability — allows me to interrupt when necessary and not be intimidated by any situations that pop up (which occurs almost daily). –Liz Tobin, RPR
  • Passion. –Danielle R. Murray, RPR
  • The ability to quickly grasp concepts in what I’m taking down. –Anonymous
  • Reliability and ethics. –Trish Smith, RPR
  • Getting my work out quickly. –Christine A. Smith
  • My very proficient realtime skills (and loaner iPads). Plenty of that kind of work where I live and work. –Kimberly Smith, RDR, CRR