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Profile - FriedmanCurrently resides in: Montclair, N.J.

Position: CART provider, open captioner, remote CART provider

Member since: 1978

Graduated from: Heffley & Browne

Theory: computer compatible

Favorite tip:

Practice every work day. Use book practice to gain rhythm and to enter the zone of concentration; then do speed practice. I like YouTube interviews, as they give the flavor and experience of real people’s rhythms, tones, cadences and pauses.

Breathe and relax when it gets fast.

Glue yourself to the speaker like a great dance partner; move with them.

Write rhythmically.

How did you learn about the career?

Don Depew, a New York freelance court reporter, was donating his services pro bono. He provided open captioning for the Paper Mill Playhouse, which preceded his doing open captioning for Broadway shows. He also was open captioning for MoMA and the Metropolitan Museum of Art and was covering a law student at New York University. He asked me (for two years until I went from terror to just scared and finally said yes) to cover the student. Two years later I “debuted” at the Met.

Do you have a favorite gadget? A salt rock that plugs into my USB port – it turns different colors and reminds me to smile and breathe.

What book are you reading right now? Prison Diary.

Have you accomplished something not related to your career that you would like to relate? I did my first aquabike event this past spring. I hope to do a 3-mile swim next summer.