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NCRA announces affiliation with British Institute of Verbatim Reporters

NCRA Board of Directors announced that it has approved an official affiliation with the British Institute of Verbatim Reporters (BIVR). The unanimous vote to welcome the BIVR as an affiliate was made during the November Board Meeting, held at NCRA headquarters in Reston, Va.

“This affiliation means exactly what it does for the state associations, in the way of a formalized relationship between our two organizations based on a duality of purpose,” said Matthew R. Barusch, NCRA’s Manager of State Government Relations.

“This affiliation is important to NCRA because it reflects and reaffirms our commitment to protecting the profession, now on an international scale. By forming a partnership with our colleagues across the pond, we are able to develop a mutually beneficial relationship where we can help each other grow, learn from each other, and together commit our resources to protecting the profession that both organizations represent,” Barusch added.

The BIVR is the leading organization for verbatim reporters in the United Kingdom. The group promotes training and professional skills and has a Code of Ethics by which its members adhere. BIVR members work in many spheres of the law such as the High Court, Crown Courts, tribunals, and inquiries. Members write machine shorthand using Stenograph, a variety of Palantype system machines, or Pitman handwritten shorthand.

“BIVR is very excited about becoming affiliated with NCRA, a leading organization in our industry. Both BIVR and NCRA strive to promote and protect the professions in our respective countries while continuing to move with the times and keep our members updated on all the goings-on in the profession,” said Leah Willersdorf, a freelance court reporter and BIVR president.

“We are looking forward to what lays ahead in this affiliation and all which that will bring with us. We know we can learn a thing or two from NCRA and we hope, in turn, perhaps you, too, can learn something from us,” added Willersdorf, who will be carrying over her role as BIVR president through 2017.

“While we are still exploring how both organizations can benefit from this affiliation, initially it will take form of an editorial partnership. In addition, BIVR leadership has expressed an interest in attending the 2017 NCRA Firm Owners Executive Conference as well as the 2017 NCRA Convention & Expo,” noted Barusch.