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Share your love for your profession: Participate in NCRA’s member video contest

Girl holding a camcorder in front of her face; she seems to be smilingNCRA is calling on all members to submit a short video sharing their career, what they do, and why they love it. The deadline is Aug. 4. All videos will be reviewed, and a winning video will be selected and announced in the JCR Weekly. The member submitting the winning video will also receive a new NCRA RTIC travel mug.

Contest rules are simple. All videos must be less than two minutes in length and include the member’s name in the file name. The video file must be uploaded with a completed NCRA video release form.

Tumbler with NCRA logo and text: WHA HAPS TPH STEPB-O STAEUZ TPH STEPB-OBe creative! Bust out your camcorder, digital camera, or even your smartphone. To help members capture the perfect video clip, NCRA suggests showing what a typical day of work is like for your or talking about your best day ever at work. Members are also encouraged to share why they love their career, showcase a piece of equipment they use and explain how it works, or share tips for others to get started in the profession.

Get filming and remember that the deadline is Aug. 4. For more ideas about video content, visit the NCRA member video contest page.