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Message from the Board re: Government Relations

The Board of Directors has released a statement regarding NCRA’s government relations news and a plan forward.

NCRA Members:

The Board of Directors acknowledges the concerns and messages we have received over the past few days. We appreciate the passion and pride you have shown.

It should be known that this Board has worked diligently on our 2018-19 budget and made changes and cuts across the board so that we can carry on our work. In light of our approved budget, which allows the Association to build its financial strength in 2018, Dave Wenhold, NCRA’s lobbyist, decided not to sign a quarterly contract.

Dave Wenhold was offered a contract that compensated him fully, at his regular rate, for the first quarter of the year. We asked that he give us the rest of the year to regroup and reorganize departments and programs. We asked for his help in formulating a government relations plan that included measured results and deliverables. We gave the professional courtesy of advising we could not afford a full year’s contract. It is imperative that all expenditures are closely monitored so we responsibly utilize the revenues available throughout the year. His proclamation of love and dedication to the profession led us to believe he would work with that.

Dave informed NCRA’s leadership and membership nearly simultaneously on January 5, 2018, that he was not renewing his contract with NCRA after two months of discussion. The Board of Directors first received notice of Dave’s dissatisfaction with his contract in an e-mail sent 90 minutes before he announced his resignation on social media, leaving very little time for action.

We are disappointed that Dave finds it unacceptable to work with NCRA as we aim to strategize a revitalized government relations plan. NCRA is in no way abandoning federal initiatives or jeopardizing our profession. We are being fiscally responsible across the board, reviewing all initiatives quarterly. Justifying outside additional government relations support is one part of that.

As part of the strategic planning process currently under way, the Board remains as committed as ever to supporting the profession and our members and to serving our state affiliates as they seek to address their legislative goals throughout the country.

NCRA’s Government Relations Manager, Matthew Barusch, will continue to provide his state and national government expertise and has helped many state leaders accomplish great things for the profession. Matthew, too, remains committed to protecting the profession, and is helping to shift NCRA’s Government Relations Department into a proactive and comprehensive support system for our state associations.

The NCRA Boot Camp event is happening as planned, March 11-13, 2018, at the Reston Hyatt and on the Hill. We are working diligently to bring to you, our members, the best advocacy training event ever, and we look forward to seeing many of you in D.C.

The court reporting and captioning profession is poised for renewed interest, awareness, and support from a multitude of industries and agencies across the country. We have many opportunities before us to advance the court reporting profession, but it will require new resources and perspectives to move forward in growth. Change can be challenging, but the opportunity to enhance and improve upon previous initiatives is exciting, and the Board is inspired to build on those opportunities in 2018 and beyond.


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