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Board of Directors Statement on Third-Party Contracting

The NCRA Board of Directors apologizes for the confusion surrounding its recent discussions regarding contracting. At our meeting on April 5, 2018, we voted formally to remove the February 2018 statement that appeared on the Government Relations page of the NCRA website. The Board formally directed this removal because there was never any Board motion or vote taken at the November 2016 Board meeting as was suggested.

Also at our April 5, 2018 meeting, we voted to rescind the Policy adopted at our March 9, 2018, meeting. This action was taken because the March 9, 2018, vote was interpreted by some as signaling that NCRA was rescinding or superseding our 1997 Policy Statement.

Our actions on April 5 make absolutely clear that the only change that the Board has approved to the 1997 Policy Statement is that NCRA will refrain from providing public testimony. No other changes in the nature or level of NCRA’s activities were discussed, and NCRA’s model legislation and all toolbox materials will remain available as in the past.

See this statement on NCRA’s website.