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Voting results from the 2018 NCRA Annual Business Meeting

NCRA members voted on 12 amendments to the Constitution & Bylaws following the Annual Business Meeting on Aug. 2, which occurred in conjunction with the NCRA Convention & Expo in New Orleans, La. The bylaws amendments ranged from minor, including cleaning up some repetitive language, to more substantial, such as streamlining the voting procedures for amendments and elections. In addition, one amendment proposed changing NCRA’s name to National Captioners and Reporters Association to be inclusive of the captioning profession.

The following are the results of the voting:

Number Name Pass/Fail
1 Voting for Officers and Board of Directors Failed
2 Voting on Bylaws Amendments Passed
3 Clarification of electoral process Passed
4 Elections when more than two candidates are running for the same position Passed
5 Number of Directors on the Board Failed
6 Clarification of the timing of terms of office Passed
7 Elimination of requirement to include a consumer or public member as part of the Council of the Academy of Court Reporters (CAPR) Failed
8 Clarification of electronic mail voting Passed
9 Removal of reference of electronic voting in a business meeting Failed
10 Definition of Voting Members Passed
11 Name change Failed
12 Meeting reference Passed


The Constitution & Bylaws permits all eligible NCRA voting members to vote through electronic means on Bylaws amendments and contested Board of Directors elections. Eligible voting members participated through a private, secure link during the 12-hour voting period.

During the Annual Business Meeting, members also voted to fill unoccupied spaces on the Board of Directors resulting from the promotion of several Directors to Officer positions on the Board.