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Purpose of the bylaw change for the National Congress of State Associations

At the annual business meeting during the 2019 NCRA Convention & Expo in Denver, one of the proposed bylaw changes is being put forward by NCSA (National Committee of State Associations). The proposal will change the name of NCSA to the National Congress of State Associations and includes other bylaw changes affecting NCSA’s structure, changing it back to more of a legislative function within NCRA’s organizational structure, acting as a resolution-making body, forwarding said resolutions to the NCRA Board of Directors for review and/or vote on the issues brought forth.  As well, the Congress will serve as a potential proving ground for identification and development of future NCRA leaders and Board members based on demonstration of leadership ability and statesmanship.

The mission of the Congress will be to act as ambassadors from each state association affiliate back to NCRA on behalf of the court reporting and captioning communities and provide a forum for state leaders to exchange information on various issues and points of view involving the Association and the profession.  The overall hope for the new Congress will be to act as a partner with the Board, however, with all state affiliate delegate leaders working together as 50 state associations on issues facing our industry. They will develop ideas, solutions, and paths forward to be advanced to the Board with suggested changes and the thought process behind how those recommendations were reached, with the ultimate decision still resting with the NCRA Board of Directors. 

The Congress will provide a unique voice working in conjunction with the NCRA Board of Directors… working as a team developing our future together!