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NCRF Angel Gather Profile: Rich Germosen

Rich Germosen

The National Court Reporters Foundation (NCRF) is pleased to introduce the Angels community to Angel Gatherers Committee member, Rich Germosen, RDR, CRR. Germosen is a freelance realtime stenographer who does most of his work in New York City and New Jersey. We sat down with him to learn a little more about him and his connection and commitment to the Foundation.

NCRF: First, tell us a little more about you. Is your steno work all about work?

Germosen: Actually, no. I run a steno practice page on Facebook where we encourage each other to practice daily 15 minutes minimum per day for 100-day runs without missing a day. It’s really fun and productive! I also participate in the Speed and Realtime Contests each summer at the NCRA Conventions.

NCRF: So how long have you been engaged in and with the Foundation?

Germosen: I am in my third year as an Angel and I started volunteering to help find more Angels just last year.

NCRF: Have you held other roles at NCRA?

Germosen: Yes, I am currently a member of the new NCRA STRONG Committee, and I’m also on the NCRA Membership Task Force. I am proud of both of these roles as well as my Angel recruitment role for the Foundation. Being involved at this level is very energizing, and I enjoy helping to make an impact.

NCRF: Why is serving on the Angel Gatherers committee important to you?

Germosen: The National Court Reporters Foundation is so important to round out offerings available to the profession. Not only does it help fill the workforce gap with programs like the A to ZIntro to Steno Machine Shorthand program and scholarships, it also helps preserve the history of steno and gives its talents to the country. I particularly love the NCRF Oral Histories Program and the Veterans History Project, in which the stories of veterans are taken down and preserved in the Library of Congress. I’ve had a really good run in court reporting over the last 27 years. Being an Angel Gatherer is a small way of giving back to the profession.