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The importance of a united front

NCRA wrote a response a couple of weeks ago to the American Bar Association’s Journal article on artificial intelligence (AI), urging them to use caution about buying into AI to capture the record. NCRA President Christine Phipps, RPR, reached out to the National Verbatim Reporters Association (NVRA) and asked if they would like to support our letter and position in response to the ABA; they wholeheartedly agreed to stand united with NCRA. (See links below to both responses.)

Besides the long list of issues regarding the manipulation and ability to change audio recordings, both national organizations believe that having a trained person capturing the record should be the standard for making the record.

The strategic alliance developed on this issue, by these two national individual membership organizations, demonstrate that both groups are concerned about companies pushing their technology and company profits over the sanctity and accuracy of the record. The record is the main integral component in any proceeding and cannot be left to unproven technology that can be manipulated. Both NCRA and NVRA stand united on the value and accuracy of the human court reporter/captioner who addresses every syllable of every word as it is spoken in any proceeding, because the potential of any AI failure and misinterpretation of audio recordings transcribed after the fact is too high to the litigants, the legal system, and those with hearing challenges.

NCRA’s response to the ABA

NVRA’s response to the ABA