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TechLinks: Tips and tricks to improve your tech setups

The NCRA Technology Committee is looking out for you with great information you can use on the job. This week, Technology Committee member Suzanne Trimble, RPR, CRR, an official court reporter in Sanford, Fla., pointed out the following articles from that may help you, your computer, and your business.

Malware is something you should always be on the alert for, and given the number of recent high-profile hacks, it may be prudent to review what you have on your computer. If you need help, consider checking the article “How to Remove Malware from Your PC.”

In these days of remote work, are you sending more large files to clients? If you’re having trouble with getting that to work, has an article about “How to Send Large Files over the Internet.”

If it’s not your computer, but your own attention that seems to be flagging, PCMag offers 5 Simple Tricks Can Help You Get Your Mojo Back. And don’t forget, if you’re not taking time to take care of your health, it will be hard to focus, so Trimble also recommended reading The Ultimate Guide to Health and Fitness Tech for 2021, which can help you set some fitness goals and meet them.