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NCRA STRONG protecting the record

The NCRA STRONG Committee has been hard at work educating NCRA members, judges, lawyers, and bar associations about stenographic captioning and court reporting as being the best means to maintain the accuracy and integrity of the record. The committee wants you to know that you also have the ability to raise awareness about the dangers of digital recording to judges, lawyers, bar associations, or judicial associations in your area. Visit the NCRA STRONG Resource Library, which has materials that you can use for informational or promotional campaigns or in presentations to outside organizations. Some of the many resources include logos, flyers, letters, and PowerPoint presentations. NCRA and the NCRA STRONG Committee encourage members to explore and become more familiar with these materials and to share them with your fellow members.

In August of last year, the STRONG Committee sent a formal letter and resolution to bar associations to inform them about the ethical and legal issues related to AI (artificial intelligence) and ASR (automatic speech recognition). Currently, the Committee is working on an article that discusses “When Statutes and Court Rules are Silenced by Stipulation,” that it plans to disseminate to state bar associations across the country.

For more information about the STRONG Committee.