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Get ready to celebrate your super letters

May marks NCRA’s fourth Celebrate Certification Month, a time for all members to celebrate their achievements and the goals they aspire to when it comes to earning a nationally recognized professional certification. The month is also a good reminder to take the opportunity to share with employees, customers, clients, and potential clients the importance of working with professionals who hold national certifications.

Be sure to check out the NCRA Celebrate Certification Month resource page which houses a selection of free, downloadable resources that can be used to celebrate throughout May. Resources include a variety of career flyers, press release templates, handouts about what each certification means, information about the benefits of working with a nationally certified professional, and more. New to the list of resources this year are specially designed Facebook profile frames, as well as backdrops to use in Zoom calls and other online platforms.

Other favorite materials include customizable business cards that can help showcase your certification and what it means, social media messages to share throughout the month, articles with information about tips for successful testing, why certification is important, and official Celebrate Certification Month artwork and certification logos.

Celebrate Certification Month is the perfect time to make an investment in yourself by committing to earning a new certification. Professional certifications not only boost your skills, but they can also boost your earning potential. Be sure to share with your clients, potential customers, or anyone interested in a career in court reporting, captioning, or legal videography why NCRA professional certifications matter.