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Tool helps you create grammar sheets

From Lauren Lawrence, RPR, and her company, Stenovate, comes a new free tool that can help reporters, captioners, and scopists create a sheet of language preferences based on a particular client or job. Dubbed the “The Ultimate Preference Sheet,” anyone can take the quick quiz that thoughtfully walks you through a series of discretionary choices, such as comma usage, capitalization, and parentheticals, to automatically generate a preference sheet for your job.  

“We make it really easy to access (totally free), so reporters can get up and running with a new scopist quickly and easily every time,” said Lawrence. “The quiz itself is actually pretty fun to take. As you know, most reporters have some pretty strong opinions about their preferences. (Before CR school, I never knew people could get so worked up over a comma.) It’s enjoyable to roll through the quiz and say, ‘I want it this way,’ and it’s even more satisfying to receive your own customized preference sheet that now you can hand off to anyone within a few seconds.”

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