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Poll shows preference for remote work

What is your work situation now?

41.2 % I am working mostly remote, and I want it to stay that way

21.9% I have been working in person for a while

21.2% I’m starting to have more in person jobs

7.3% I am still working mostly remote, but I want to work in person

8.5% None of the above

Salem Jildeh

A recent JCR poll question asked NCRA members about their current work situation. As the results show, the majority say they are working mostly remote, and they want it to stay that way. Following are more comments from some of the poll respondents:

I am a CART captioner and 99 percent of my work went remote. I love not having to sit in traffic. I live in the Bay Area, and it’s a nightmare. I used to drive over 230 miles in a work day going from school to school. I’ve loved the change of pace of being at home, but I do miss networking opportunities when being in person. I’d love to work hybrid. A day or two remote to break up the monotony.

Salem Jildeh, CART captioner in Fairfield, Calif.

Gina DiLuzio, RPR

I’m doing more in person depos. Attorneys prefer in person too after the last 15 months of Zoom. Too many shady things go on behind the computer screen between attorneys and their clients or witnesses. I am glad we are pretty much back to normal in Vegas. Nice to dress up again and go to law firms. I thought I would prefer Zoom depos from now on, but, no, I need to be around people when I’m doing depos. Missed the socializing aspect too. Feel great and I’m happy again.

Gina DiLuzio, RPR, a freelancer in Las Vegas, Nev.

I want to only do virtual but thinking that is slowly fading.

Jill Hodges, RPR, a freelancer in Bartlett, Tenn.

I love doing virtual, but things are heading back to in person for me.

Teresa Davis, RPR, a freelance reporter in Trussville, Ala.

Chris Villano Iba, RMR, CRR

I am starting to have more in-person jobs. I have several days of depositions coming up in the next month that are scheduled for in person, although I still have work being scheduled via remote platforms.  I think the complexity of the case is going to dictate if the parties want to appear in person, and remote still works great for some matters.  I also have already appeared in person for labor arbitrations.

Chris Villano Iba, RMR, CRR, freelance reporter in Portland, Ore.

It is with much joy that I can report that things are getting back to nearly normal in our court!  After over a year of Zoom hearings, we have been back to in-person hearings since May 1. We have had two jury trials, and they both went well. It’s wonderful to see the courthouse bustling again!

Patricia Gandy, RMR, CRR, official reporter in Denton, Texas

My husband was still working once the pandemic hit, and I decided I did not want to deal with Zoom.  Plus, my daughter was pregnant with my first grandchild, due mid-May, and I wanted to be able to spend time with her and the baby. So I enjoyed the most time off of work that I’ve had in 29 years after the birth of my son. There were sporadic in-person depos from April to September, and I would cover those. Never had a problem with people wearing masks and understanding them. And if I couldn’t hear something, everyone was understanding, and we worked through it. Starting in October, in-person depos picked up a little bit in my area until the first of the year, then slowed down until April.

MaryJo Legg, RMR, freelancer in Hollywood, Md.

Agencies are paying a per diem, or “hazard pay,” to appear in person. Not too shabby, getting an extra $200 or so just for showing up! The bribe works on me; I am working more in person jobs. The ball is definitely in our court.

Barbara Niles, freelancer in Pomona, Calif.