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NCRF Angel ranks grow by 20; NCRF Altruism recognition awarded to Laurel Eiler

NCRF Chair Early Langley, RMR

Inspiring others comes naturally to National Court Reporters Foundation leaders since their guiding mission is service to others and making a difference.

One example of this occurred when Early Langley, RMR, the National Court Reporters Foundation Chair from Danville, Calif., addressed Conference attendees at the NCRA Awards Luncheon at the 2021 NCRA Conference & Expo in Las Vegas, Nev.

“At NCRF, we call ourselves the philanthropic arm of NCRA,” Langley said. “It’s through our efforts that we provide valuable programs to rising reporters and provide community outreach.”

Langley explained the NCRF partnership with the U.S. Library of Congress Veterans History Program and shared her firsthand account about her Uncle Earl K. Zimpfer, a Purple Heart recipient, whose story she transcribed. Langley noted that all NCRF Oral Histories now offered members PDC credit. She mentioned that Career Launcher training, grants, and scholarships are also NCRF programs.

Celebrating the memory of a court reporter colleague now gone was NCRF Trustee Rich Germosen, RDR, CRR, from North Brunswick, N.J. At the awards luncheon, he announced the first-ever Monyeen Black Memorial Grant recipient.

“Mo was a very special person whom we lost too soon last January 11,” Germosen said. “We wanted to honor Mo’s memory with this new professional grant.”

Taylor Maldonado, RPR

More than 170 members donated to the grant. The $1,000 award was given to Taylor Maldonado, RPR, a freelancer from Dos Palos, Calif.

NCRF Trustee Linda McSwain, RPR, an official court reporter from Mobile, Ala., announced that the NCRF Carl Sauceda Grant will be awarded in 2022 to a court reporter member who has “demonstrated clear effort and sacrifice in time or funds” to advance court reporting, CART, or captioning, as a new Foundation offering.

NCRF Trustee Tami Keenan, FAPR, RPR, CPE, a retired court reporter from Battle Creek, Mich., awarded the 2021 NCRF Santo Aurelio Award to Laurel Eiler, FAPR, RDR, a retired court reporter from Brentwood, Tenn. Eiler connected on Zoom from New Hampshire to give thanks for this honor. On site at the Conference, 20 attendees signed on to become first-year NCRF Angels. These new Angels agreed to donate $1,000 within 12 months from the first donation. Donations were made at the NCRF booth or by texting to 41444 the keyword NCRFAngel.

Here is why some of the new Angels chose to give:

“The reason I chose to support NCRF is that it affords me the opportunity to combine two passions most meaningful to me: Court reporting and giving back. In my personal and professional life, there have been many who have guided and supported me. The gratitude I have for that guidance drives my desire to encourage, promote, and sponsor those entering court reporting: An indispensable component of our legal system that I am so proud to be a part of.”

Lamarra George, a freelance court reporter from Atlanta, Ga.

 “I knew I was going to be a court reporter when I was in sixth grade and am going on my 40th year in this profession. Court reporting has given me wonderful opportunities and afforded my family the ability to live a comfortable lifestyle. I have met amazing and intelligent people along the way and made lifelong friends. This profession keeps me active and on my toes, and I want to support NCRF in its mission to spread the word and help others in this wonderful career.”

Kim Tindall, RPR, a freelancer from San Antonio, Texas

 “I learned about the Angel Donor Fund and its role in the NCRF at our Las Vegas Conference. I knew this was the perfect way for me to pledge my ongoing financial support to the future of court reporting. It is so fulfilling to stand in solidarity with those who work tirelessly to preserve and advance our profession. Court reporting has been the cornerstone of my life for 52 years, and I will always be grateful.”

Brenda Countz, RPR, CRR, a freelance court reporter from Los Angeles, Calif.

“I joined NCRF Angels because [NCRF Trustee] Linda McSwain inspired me to. I have been so blessed by this profession that I wanted to be a blessing to others in a more impactful way by contributing to the success of the Veterans History Project and the NCRA A to Z® program, offered to future reporters.”

Shacara V. Mapp, RPR, CRR, a freelancer court reporter from Warren, Mich.

Below is a list of the other new NCRF Angels:

Angela Baker, RPR, a freelance court reporter from Mound, Minn.

Jeffrey Bartelt, a freelance court reporter from Phoenix, Az.

Cynthia “Sindie” Bragg, RPR, a freelance court reporter from Abingdon, Va.

Linda Breech, RPR, an official court reporter from Englewood, Colo.

Ninette Butler, RPR, CRR, CRC, a freelance court reporter from Orlando, Fla.

Jessie Waack Gorry, RDR, CRR, a freelance court reporter from Brooklyn, N.Y.

Patricia Gayl Hardeman, FAPR, RDR, CRR, CRC, CRI (Ret.), from Pinellas Park, Fla.

Vicki Jesse, RPR, a freelance court reporter from Mystic, Conn.

Saba McKinley, RPR, CRI, a freelance court reporter and NCRA Director from Clarksville, Tenn.

Carol Naughton, RDR, an official from Virginia Beach, Va.

Linda Nelson, a freelance court reporter from Anaheim, Calif.

Margary Rogers, RPR, CRI, an official court reporter from Washington, D.C.

Jennifer Sati, RMR, CRR, CRC, CRI, a captioner and instructor from Dayton, Minn.

Mary Ann Scanlan, RMR, CRR, a freelance court reporter from San Francisco, Calif.

Scott Wallace, RDR, CRR, an official court reporter from Arlington, Va.

Yolanda Walton, FAPR, RPR, NCRA Director, an official state court reporter from Norwalk, Ohio

For more information about supporting the NCRF mission, contact All Angels can be found here.