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Livestream sessions from Conference & Expo called technology leap for NCRA

Members unable to attend the 2021 NCRA Conference & Expo held July 29-Aug. 1 in Las Vegas, Nev., in person had the opportunity to livestream a number of the sessions. Some who took advantage of the livestreaming opportunity said that the experience made them feel included and that they were proud of NCRA’s commitment to embracing the use of new technology to help keep members connected.

Just prior to the Conference, NCRA’s Professional Development Department made the decision to offer a package containing eight sessions purchasers could choose from to livestream.

“We have received an abundance of positive feedback from those who took advantage of this offering,” said Cynthia R. Bruce, M.S.Ed., Senior Director, Education and Certification.

“The interaction between online attendees, the audience, and presenter added another dimension to the Conference,” she added.  

“I appreciated the opportunity to attend the Conference remotely. The topics were useful, and the presenters were excellent,” said NCRA member Donna Bufmack, RDR, a freelance court reporter from Colorado Springs, Colo. “Having live chat allowed online participants to submit questions and make comments that enhanced the overall continuing education experience,” she added.

Melissa Gonsalves, RMR, CRR, CRC, a freelance court reporter and agency owner from Phoenix, Ariz., was moving right in the middle of the NCRA Conference & Expo, so the opportunity to livestream sessions live and after the fact was extremely beneficial, she said.

The sessions that were livestreamed are now available for purchase at NCRA’s Learning Center:

Effective File Sharing Strategies for 2021 and the Future

Breaking the Language Barrier: Best Practices for International and Interpreted Depositions

Nightmare on Zoom Street

Education Is Power – STRONG’s Sculpting Techniques

Unmute Yourself: Tips and Tricks to Communicate Effectively In and Out of the Workplace

The Tech Show

Kids’ Court School: Educating Child and Adolescent Witnesses about the Court Process

“I thoroughly enjoyed watching the presentations live. And being able to participate by asking questions made me feel like I was there,” shared Viktoria Stockmal, a freelance court reporter from Southbury, Conn. “Logging in, watching, and participating was very easy. And I got to do it all outside on my patio on two beautiful days! Everyone who participated in the Conference did a great job.”

Patricia L. Ziegler, CRI, CPE, a school administrator from Newton, Iowa, said she was also impressed with the livestreaming of sessions from the Conference: “I watched several of the sessions live and have now watched the other webinars. Thank you to NCRA for taking yet another technology leap!”

To learn more about available webinars for purchase, pricing, and availability, be sure to visit NCRA’s Learning Center.