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Support Minnesota court reporters

Minnesota state court reporters need your help. In Minnesota, it has been ordered that court reporters can no longer charge the state for the preparation of in forma pauperis (IFP) transcripts — transcripts produced for individuals who are indigent or those individuals whom a court has determined cannot afford to pay for legal or transcript fees. Instead of paying Minnesota court reporters for IFP transcripts, it has been ordered that court administrators can now make agreements with “transcription services” to produce these transcripts. These agreements could result in the outsourcing of indigent transcripts to out-of-state transcription companies that do not have uniquely and highly qualified court reporters to produce them. This puts the accuracy and integrity of the record directly at risk. Your colleagues and friends in Minnesota need your support to fight this unjust ruling, just as you would want them to come to your aid if you were in need. Please help Minnesota state court reporters now by signing this petition today.