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Members LOVE being a part of NCRA

In honor of Valentine’s Day, NCRA’s Membership Committee asked colleagues to write what they love about belonging to NCRA, and boy, did we receive a ton of love. Here are a few of the love letters.

“Learning and staying on the cutting edge .…”

What does being a member mean to me? Oh, where to begin. I learned early on when I joined as a student how valuable it was. They do so much for us behind the scenes, which sometimes we don’t see: Legislation, fighting to keep us at the forefront and viable. Another highlight is all of the support they give to students — as well as the court reporters — with so many wonderful scholarships, grants, and relief funds that are available to help us in times of need.

Second, receiving the JCR magazine monthly and the JCR Weekly in my email, I learn so much to help improve my skills and make my job easier. They also keep me abreast of my colleagues that have passed certifications, have great stories to tell, and so on.

Lastly, in going to the Conferences, we are able to stay informed of what is happening and to stay in front of any issues that may be coming and be proactive. The Board of the Association is all volunteers, and they work tirelessly for us all.

I also have made so many lifelong friends over the years at the Conference, all while learning and staying on the cutting edge of technology. It’s a no-brainer for me!

Sandy Narup, RPR, freelance court reporter from Orlando, Fla.

“Looking out for us …”

What does membership mean to me? Membership to me is about belonging to an organization that is looking out for our better interests. Membership is about working hard all year on my skills and looking forward to going to the Conference in the summer and seeing so many friends that I’ve met over the years and also meeting new friends.

Rich Germosen, RDR, CRR, freelancer and agency owner from North Brunswick, N.J.

“To my dearest NCRA …”

My Dearest NCRA:

I love you for so many reasons, too many to enumerate. I love that you always see the best in me and help me to strive for consistent, constant improvement. You see my potential and help me reach it. You support me with educational opportunities to learn and become the best me I can be. You create opportunities for me to spend quality time with leaders in the industry who share new ideas and techniques with me so I can stay relevant and increase my business. I love that you give me opportunities to earn higher certifications so that I can shine in the industry with my advanced skills. I love that you advocate for me, protect my livelihood, and demand the representation that I deserve. I love that you defend me against those who would attack me, my profession, my skills, talents, and make it known in the marketplace that there is no substitution for the value that I create. I am so grateful for the unforgettable experiences I have had as a member of NCRA, the places I would never have gone but for my steno skills, the influential individuals I have sat next to, and the monumental events I have shared with the world as a closed captioner. But most of all, I appreciate that you have introduced me to a network of colleagues who support me, teach me, and are there for me on a personal and professional level. The friends and relationships that have been created during the many years I have been a part of this Association, my beloved NCRA, will continue to bless me for the rest of my life. My NCRA family is a part of my soul, and my gratitude runs deep.

Debbie Dibble, RDR, CRR, CRC, NCRA President, freelancer and broadcast captioner from Salt Lake City, Utah

“Passionate about our profession …”

I value my NCRA membership because the court reporters who volunteer to serve on the NCRA Board are passionate about our profession. They speak out on behalf of us all for the betterment of our profession. They keep me apprised of news and events across the country that I would have no way of knowing were I not a member. Also, NCRA and its members make me want to be a better reporter. They inspire me to keep reaching for my goals and to pursue excellence. I still love this profession after 30 years.

Donna Prather, RMR, CRR, CRC, official court reporter and CART captioner from Bristol, Tenn.

Don’t miss out! Membership includes a free listing in the NCRA PROLink Professional Directory, a subscription to the JCR magazine and the JCR Weekly, multiple certification programs designed to further your career, access to discounted group personal insurance programs through Mercer, including an individual insurance service through GetInsured, member pricing on first-class online educational opportunities, events, and webinars, and much more!