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NCRF Carl Sauceda Grant open until March 17

The deadline for applying or nominating a colleague for the NCRF Carl Sauceda Grant is March 17. The $1,000 grant will be awarded to an NCRA member who is a court reporter or captioner and who has shared his or her knowledge by either helping to build a mentoring network, assisting others to advance their skills, or providing a comparable learning activity.

The grant is named in honor of Carl Sauceda, FAPR, RMR (Ret.), of Hayward, Calif. Sauceda was elected to serve as NCRA President from 1999 to 2000, but his legacy of giving back to others carries on today. The grant’s purpose is to recognize those who have influenced the lives of rising court reporters. “[Receiving this grant] will be an honor for the recipient to continue to promote and support the profession,” said Sauceda.

Members may apply or nominate a fellow member. Eligibility criteria include:

  • The applicant/nominee must be an NCRA member in good standing.
  • The applicant/nominee must be either actively involved in the court reporting or captioning arena or have been actively engaged in working in court reporting or captioning within the previous year.
  • The applicant/nominee must have demonstrated excellence in the field by: Work history; dedication to the advancement of the profession; volunteerism; education; and/or support of the profession in an exemplary way.
  • The applicant/nominee must have shown through leadership, training, support, and/or education the ability to motivate and encourage and inspire others in the field.
  • The applicant/nominee must have demonstrated a consistent desire to improve the culture, spirit, and perception of the court reporting and captioning field through community outreach, personal interaction, and professional team building.

Complete grant requirements, eligibility criteria, and application submission form may be found here.

Sauceda shared his thoughts on being honored with a grant in his name.

For questions, email NCRF Manager Jill Parker Landsman at