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Celebrate Certification Month with savings on swag in May

Celebrate your pride in your certification and save on customized items during NCRA 2022 Celebrate Certification Month. Take advantage of 15 percent off all customized items from May 3 through May 6 and May 28 through May 31 in the NCRA Merchandise Shop. Free shipping is offered May 11 through May 16.

Choose from a variety of items such as clothing, accessories, gifts, and more; and customize them with your favorite NCRA, NCRF, I Love Steno, NCRA STRONG, or official certification logos.

The online company that provides the items and customization, Spreadshirt, takes care of processing the orders and ships goods directly to the consumer. The company also offers customers an easy exchange and return policy. Members who purchase items from the Merchandise Shop are supporting their national organization’s programs and scholarships while also showing off their NCRA pride. 

Be sure to check back often in the Merchandise Shop to see what new items and merchandise are being offered. NCRA will also announce new items and merchandise during special events.

NCRA members who do purchase items are encouraged to share photos of themselves sporting their swag. You might just get featured on the store site or in other marketing materials. Send your photos to Happy shopping and happy Celebrate Certification Month!

Be sure to check out the Celebrate Certification Month resource page for a variety of downloadable materials designed to help you celebrate your certification.