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11 Tips for passing NCRA Online Skills Tests

By the New Professionals Advisory and Veterans Liaison to the New Professionals Advisory Committees

If you are planning on taking an NCRA Online Skills Test, here are 11 tips for passing:

  1. Practice every day for some amount of time.
  2. Vary speeds, from current to 20 wpm above and below current, for both speed and accuracy.
  3. Practice reading your steno note strokes.
  4. Use timed, dictated recordings whenever possible, but other sources work too for variety. Podcasts make good practice material.
  5. Join an online social media practice group to keep yourself accountable and have camaraderie.
  6. Know your software’s translate and edit functions and make them work for you.
  7. Keep your personal dictionary updated and review it periodically so you know what’s in it.
  8. Warm up to faster audio right before your test.
  9. Don’t forget to practice transcribing in addition to machine/writing practice.
  10. Take notes while you transcribe/edit to note your strong points and areas of improvement (e.g., drops, misstrokes, punctuation).
  11. Before testing, get a good night’s sleep, be well hydrated, and have a positive attitude.

Learn more about NCRA testing and certification here.

Thanks to the New Professionals Advisory and the Veterans Liaison to the New Professionals Advisory Committees for sharing these tips.