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Meet the NCRA Committees: CLVS

The Creative Content Task Force (CCTF) was created in 2021 to assist with identifying and providing content that can be shared internally and externally to help promote the stenographic court reporting and captioning professions. Among the group’s charges is the promotion of NCRA committees and the work their members are doing to help move the profession into the future. To meet this charge, CCTF Chair Anthony D. Frisolone, FAPR, RDR, CRR, CRC, CRI, reached out to committee chairs with several questions to learn more. These profiles will appear periodically in the JCR Weekly.

Focus on: NCRA Certified Legal Video Specialist Council

Chair: Andrea Kreutz, CLVS

Vice Chair: Robert Butcher, CLVS

Committee description: The Certified Legal Video Specialist (CLVS) Council serves as faculty for the Mandatory Certification Workshop and optional Hands-on Training; conducts the CLVS Production exam; reviews and updates the CLVS Standards; creates resources for the CLVS community; and reviews the CLVS Written Knowledge Test. The Council also works with a Pearson VUE consultant to write and edit questions (also known as items) for the CLVS Written Knowledge Test. They also review the CLVS job analysis.

CCTF | Briefly, what are some of the main initiatives this committee is especially focused on this year? 

AK | We are focused on educating the law community about the importance of using a certified legal videographer. We are also updating the CLVS Guidebook and training videos for certification.

CCTF | What drives the committee members to feel so passionate about the work this group is doing? 

AK | Our group is passionate about ensuring that the parties involved in a lawsuit are provided with the best possible transcript and video to potentially be used in trial.

CCTF | What impact do the committee members hope their work meeting the charges of this group will have on the profession both internally (on NCRA members) and externally (on the public and those working in the legal arena)? 

AK | Our members hope to educate people about our profession and deliver an unbiased recording of proceedings.

CCTF | As chair, what is the one message you would like to share with NCRA members about getting involved in committee work? 

AK | We are a fantastic national organization with a front-row seat to securing the integrity of the legal process. Committees come together to form a strong bond and carve the future for those who come after us.