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Two 2022 New Professional Reporter Grant winners named

As noted in donor responses to a recent National Court Reporters Foundation (NCRF) survey, providing the New Professional Reporter Grant landed in the number one spot regarding Foundation programs (see chart below). Nurturing students and providing affirmation for newly minted court reporters is a Foundation strategic priority. Proudly, NCRF announces two 2022 recipients for its New Professional Reporter Grant.

“In our goals to support tomorrow’s leaders, our Foundation provides a new reporter first-place grant for $2,000 and a second-place grant for $1,000,” says NCRF Chair Early Langley, RMR, of Danville, Calif. “It is heartwarming to see how much these awards are appreciated by those who have just started their court reporting careers.”

Shock and awe were the responses from first-place winner Bethany Morse of Englewood, Colo., when she received the news of her selection. “Oh my gosh,” she wrote. “I started shaking when I read the email! Thank you so much to NCRF.” (See Morse’s thank-you video here.)

Bethany Morse

“I am so incredibly grateful and humbled to be the first-prize recipient of this year’s grant for new professional reporters!” she said.

“The gap between graduating school and becoming a new working reporter is intimidating and costly, but I’ve always seen it as an investment in a lifelong, beautiful career. Still, the knowledge that I was purchasing new equipment and supplies on credit after graduating from school contributed to the stress every new reporter faces. Learning new software, adjusting to a new writer, starting a new job, all while knowing that your first paychecks will be going towards paying off debts required to start your new career,” she added.

“Because of this grant (and the mentor who encouraged me to apply for it), I have significantly less financial stress. I cannot thank NCRF enough for organizing this grant and supporting students and new professionals.”

Since 2020, NCRF has also awarded a second-place winner for this grant.

“I am honored to be selected as the second-place winner for this year’s New Professional Reporter Grant,” said Claire Stein of Madison, Wis., winner of the second-place grant. “Representing the next generation of court reporters makes me extremely proud, and I am committed to sustaining the integrity of our field throughout my career.”

Claire Stein

The New Professional Reporter Grant is awarded annually to a promising working court reporter in his or her first year out of school who meets specific criteria and submits an essay. Complete information can be found on the grant web page.

This year’s essay question was: What is one major work challenge that you experienced and how did you overcome it? Please mention how the internet or technology helped you address this challenge.

Read Bethany Morse’s essay.

Read Claire Stein’s essay.

Information about all NCRF grants and scholarships can be found on the here.