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Legal Video: Beyond Depositions

Clay McMillan

When most people think of legal videos, or CLVS, they likely think of depositions. But the talents of legal videographers go way beyond depositions. Clay McMillan, owner of CMI Legal Services, gave an overview of the different types of services that a legal videographer can offer their clients at the 2022 NCRA Conference & Expo in Orlando, Fla., including:

  • Day in the Life and Settlement Videos
  • Medical Exams
  • Mock Trials
  • Inspections: Auto, Home, Building
  • Video Wills and Prenuptials

McMillan has been in the business for almost 50 years, starting out in the AV department of his high school, then moving into radio and television. He has worked for entertainment companies such as Universal Studios and Walt Disney World and news companies such as ABC News, NBC News, as well as The Weather Channel. He has been providing video services with CMI Legal Services for 20 years.

In addition to offering his technical expertise on equipment and software, McMillan shared his knowledge about running a legal video business. Here are a few of his tips:

  • Check with each client about their preferences; each one will have their own specifications regarding size and structure of files.
  • Set competitive prices. Don’t be the most expensive, but don’t be the cheapest either.
  • Profit share. Offer court reporting firms part of your profits. Work as a team.
  • Use professional accounting software such as Quicken.
  • Always over-deliver.
  • Network. Network. Network.

McMillan finished his presentation by showing photos of equipment set-ups for various situations, including remote depositions, medical offices, and even a cramped doctor’s exam room.