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“We shine bright so that others may shine brighter”

Marjorie Peters

By Marjorie Peters

Thank you for your support of the National Court Reporters Foundation (NCRF) and the programs that lift our professions. Your donation, whether through a raffle purchase or a fundraiser, is the reason you are receiving this NCRF newsletter, the NCRF Angels Quarterly.

It was great to see so many of you at the NCRA Conference & Expo in Orlando, Fla. I hope that you had a great experience.

In this issue, you can read about many Foundation fundraisers and awards. But here, I want to give special thanks to our Angel Doug Zweizig, RDR, CRR, who thought up the fundraiser of raffling off two tickets to the Angels VIP Luncheon held at the Conference. At $10 a ticket, we were so pleased that we raised more than $300.

The luncheon was a huge success, with about 100 Angel donors and their guests attending. This special video, created by NCRF Trustee and Angel Andrea Kreutz, CLVS, captures the spirit and camaraderie of the event. We hope to see you at next year’s Conference & Expo in Houston, Texas!

You might be thinking: Why is Doug Zweizig’s name familiar? Well, Doug won both the Speed and Realtime Contests in Orlando this year. Way to go, Doug!

Veteran and public speaker Yohancé Salimu once wrote: “We shine bright so that others may shine brighter.” Our Foundation is all about turning on the lights so that we can see our way forward. After these past two challenging years, rising higher and shining brighter sound great to me.

At NCRF, we have been busy creating grants, scholarships, learning programs, and wellness programs. We even created the NCRF Natural Disaster Relief Fund to help qualified displaced members. And we are just warming up, with a new strategic plan under construction.

By helping support our Foundation, you are touching lives both within the court reporting and captioning community and outside of it. Each tax-deductible donation that you make is a direct investment in our court reporting, captioning, and legal videography professions.

If you are not already one of our NCRF Angels, please consider becoming one today. Angels display their commitment to the future of the profession by donating a minimum of $1,000 to NCRF within a year (or $83.34 each month). This act of kindness makes you a member of the Foundation’s Angel Family. Please join us. Sign up here, or by texting the keyword NCRFAngel to 41444 on your mobile phone.

We hope you enjoy these recent NCRF highlights in this Angels Quarterly. Your support means everything to us at NCRF. Reach me with your big ideas at Stay well. Thank you for supporting NCRF. And again, many thanks for your support!

Marjorie Peters, FAPR, RMR, CRR

NCRF Chair