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Continuing education and CEUs matter

The National Court Reporters Association (NCRA) promotes excellence among those who capture and convert the spoken word to text and is committed to supporting every member in achieving the highest level of professional expertise. NCRA’s Continuing Education Program was established and is administered by the authority of the Council of the Academy of Professional Reporters (CAPR). CAPR’s operation is mandated by the Bylaws of NCRA, and its members are appointed by the NCRA Board of Directors.

Court reporters and captioners use cutting-edge technology to bring the spoken word to text accurately in realtime. NCRA members are highly tech-savvy as they rely on the latest in technology to get their jobs done. Today’s court reporters can write 225 words per minute or more when capturing the spoken word. The professional certifications offered by NCRA reflect the commitment to service and self-investment.

When asked why being certified is crucial to the industry, Lisa Selby-Brood, RMR, a freelance court reporter from Clearwater, Fla., shared why it is important to have those certifications and CEUs.

“I can tell you horror stories that you would not believe.” Lisa went on to say that a person who was not certified by NCRA opened a court reporting business in their apartment in Florida, putting a sign in their window. “Well, one day, lo and behold, as attorneys were scrambling trying to find their transcripts, they finally went to this apartment and the person was gone. This apartment complex had a storage facility … and there were literally boxes with exhibits and CDs, and discs and files, and paper notes just sitting in banker boxes out in the elements. Just shoved in there.”

“This is what happens when we are not policed properly. And that is why it is so important we get certification and that we have a national organization [NCRA] that’s got our backs,” Selby-Brood said.

The field of captioning and court reporting demands that its practitioners acquire and maintain a broad base of knowledge. The body of knowledge in the world changes rapidly, and with this spiraling explosion of information, court reporting professionals must keep up, keeping their mind open to new ideas, honing their skills of learning, and developing as a well-rounded professional. You can review your Continuing Education Transcripts through your NCRA profile at

If you still need CEUs before September 30, 2022, be sure to visit the NCRA Learning Center for the latest webinar sessions available for purchase. Earn CEUs with the click of your mouse by registering for and attending all online courses.

“We look forward to continuing to identify ways to offer additional learning opportunities in the near future to ensure all NCRA members – no matter what area of the profession they practice in – have access to the quality education they need to reflect their skills and talents,” said Cynthia R. Bruce, Senior Director of Education and Certification.

The Learning Center gives 30 days from the date of purchase to complete all required elements unless otherwise noted and is the best way to earn those CEUs in a timely manner.

“Whether you are new to the profession or have been in your career for many years, continuing education is so important to keeping us up to date and ready to adapt to the challenges we face,” said Lynette L. Mueller, FAPR, RDR, CRR, who chairs CAPR. “If you need CEUs – as a third of members do each year – please look around to see the options you have for learning and make sure you get them through the NCRA Continuing Education department.”

Questions about Continuing Education and CEUs can be sent to