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Final sessions from 2022 NCRA Conference & Expo are now available

If you couldn’t make it to Orlando, Fla., this year for the NCRA Conference & Expo, or if you weren’t able to make a session (or two) because you were having so much fun, great news! Seven additional sessions have been made available for you to earn CEUs from the comfort of your own home. These sessions are available in the NCRA Learning Center, and you will have 30 days to complete your session from the date of purchase.

The final seven sessions are:

Advanced Video Deposition Techniques and Equipment

Hybrid, Picture-in-Picture, advanced lighting, mobile, confidential, live streaming multi-camera, and more. You never know what type of request is going to come with the next phone call. Joel Freedman, CLVS, will walk you through some of the unusual requests and how to make it happen. Total CEU 0.125

StenoMasters – Public Speaking for Court Reporters and Captioners

StenoMasters is chartered under Toastmasters International and is the perfect place to get involved in a supportive community of fellow stenographers from all over the country — and even the world — to practice the skill of public speaking. The attendees will learn about the importance of timing, preparation, eliminating filler words, speech structure, word choice, body language, and feedback. Total CEU 0.1

Inclusive Language

Merriam-Webster’s addition of the singular “they” is yet another recognition of the cultural relevance and growing acceptance of nonbinary gender identities. Inclusive language acknowledges diversity, conveys respect to all people, is sensitive to differences, and promotes equitable opportunities. This seminar is an opportunity to understand more about the LGBTQ+ community, how to be a good ally, and what we can do on the job to be more welcoming and inclusive. Total CEU 0.1

Legal Video: Beyond Depositions

This webinar will explore the many ways in which video is being used by law firms and court reporting agencies. Attendees will learn about IME’s and CME’s, Inspections, Day in the Life Videos, Settlement Brochures, Courtroom Technical Assistance, Remote Depositions, Remote Concierge Services, Exhibit Capture, Notary Service, and the latest equipment being used to handle these additional services. Total CEU 0.1

Don’t Make Us Say We Told You So: Grassroots and Advocacy in State Courts

In 2021 the Supreme Court of Nebraska began to institute many changes affecting stenographic court reporters and the integrity of the record, thus making it much easier to have a courtroom recorder and an outside transcriptionist prepare the record. GASP! With the help of some friends in the legal community, the official court reporters organized and made our presence known by addressing the misconceptions of court reporting and why the stenographic method is the gold standard. And we aren’t done yet. This session is about what steps were taken and will be taken with the bench, the bar, and the legislature to protect the integrity of stenography and the record. Total CEU 0.1

Success Beyond the Machine

You’ve put in the work and passed those speed tests and obtained your certifications … but what about all the other aspects of court reporting that you may not have been taught in school?  Learn how to conduct yourself professionally, organize effectively, work efficiently, and avoid burnout, among many other helpful tips and tricks. Leave with the confidence to pave your way to a successful and fulfilling court reporting career. Total CEU 0.1

Remote Captioning and Your Consumer: Information and Tips

In this session you will hear from Genevieve A. Miller, a consumer from NASA/Kennedy Space Center who uses a remote live realtime captioner for all of her meetings; and hear from Lisa B. Johnston, who has worked with NASA/KSC providing realtime captioning to deaf and hard-of-hearing employees for over ten years. Find out what is helpful and useful when providing these services to your clients. Total CEU 0.1

Access the NCRA Learning Center for all your continuing education needs. Earn CEUs and PDCs with the click of your mouse by registering for and attending all online courses and in-person NCRA meetings. The Learning Center gives 30 days from the date of purchase to complete all required elements unless otherwise noted. To view other sessions available from #NCRA22, please click here. If you are needing additional credits to meet your extension deadline, take advantage of the new professional development education from the 20 sessions recorded and now available from this year’s conference.