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New Professional Profile: Holly Fox

Holly Fox lives in Helena, Mont., where she works as a freelance court reporter. Before becoming a reporter, she worked as a journalist for many years. She told the JCR that she loved to watch legal TV shows and “thought that the person listening and writing everything down had the most interesting job in the room.”

By Kendra Steppler

JCR | How long have you been an NCRA member?

HF | Since before 2017.

JCR What college did you graduate from? 

HF | Green River College in Auburn, Wash.

JCR What was your theory? 

HF | StenEd.

JCR Do you currently hold any certifications or aspire to hold them? 

HF | I’m halfway to my RPR.

JCR | Why did you choose to become a court reporter?

HF | I have a journalism degree and have always loved writing and anything to do with words. One part of my job as a journalist that I found the most relaxing was transcribing the interviews I did with people. After moving to a new town and having a few kids, I was looking for a new career. I watched too many legal TV shows and thought that the person listening and writing everything down had the most interesting job in the room. 

JCR What do you know now that you wish you’d known when you first started? 

HF | Mostly I just wish I had known about court reporting sooner because I would have gotten into it earlier.

JCR What’s your “can’t live without” item in your steno bag?

HF | Pretty boring … my laptop. Also, I always make sure I have power cords for my writer and laptop and a long extension cord just in case.

JCR What do you like to do when you’re not reporting?

HF | When I’m not reporting, I’m probably watching my kids at some sports event. I’ve got two high school boys and a middle school daughter, so we’re busy with football, wrestling, ski racing, and track. 

JCR What’s the coolest experience you have had working in the profession?

HF | I haven’t had many high-profile or extraordinary jobs, but I really just enjoy working. I enjoy that I’m always meeting new people and getting a chance to learn a little about something different all the time. 

JCR What is your next goal? 

HF | I want to finish my RPR this year. 

Holly Fox is a freelancer in Helena, Mont. She can be reached at

Kendra Steppler, RPR, CRR, is an official in Eugene, Ore. She can be reached at