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Register for the April NCRA CLVS Production Exam

Registration is now open for the next Certified Legal Video Specialist (CLVS) Production Exam being held April 28-29 at NCRA’s new headquarters in Reston, Va.

Candidates who attend the April dates may also register for the optional Hands-on Training session, which is held in conjunction with the Production Exam. The Hands-on session will take place Thursday afternoon, April 27. Registration closes March 31.

During the Production Exam, candidates will run the show at a staged deposition and be graded on their ability to follow video deposition guidelines and to produce a usable, high-quality video of the deposition. Candidates must have taken the CLVS Mandatory Certification Workshop first, which is available online through the NCRA Learning Center.

Candidates are strongly encouraged to take the optional Hands-on Training being offered prior to the Production Exam. During the Hands-on Training, CLVS candidates have the opportunity to participate in a mock deposition and gain valuable experience with a camera similar to the one they will use during their test.

A third step in the CLVS credentialing process is to take and pass the CLVS Written Knowledge Test (WKT). Candidates for the WKT are required to complete the CLVS Mandatory Certification Workshop online first as questions on the exam are developed from the educational materials provided. Registration for the next WKT testing period opens March 1 for testing in April.

The CLVS Production Exam and Hands-on Training are administered twice a year: Spring and fall. The cost of the exam is $325 for NCRA members and $425 for nonmembers. The cost of the optional Hands-on Training is $200 for NCRA members and $300 for nonmembers. For cost and registration information for the CLVS Mandatory Certification Workshop and the CLVS WKT, visit  

NCRA members who hold another credential such as the Registered Professional Reporter (RPR) can earn 0.25 PDC each after passing the CLVS Written Knowledge Test and the CLVS Production Exam.

Please visit for additional information. If you have any questions, email