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Join your colleagues

Join your colleagues today by joining the ranks of NCRA members who hold certifications or are working to add more to their skill sets.

Fun fact in honor of Celebrate Certification Month: To date, nearly 60 percent of all NCRA members hold at least one or more professional certification. As of the start of 2023, the total number of NCRA members who hold certifications are as follows:

· Registered Skilled Reporter 38

· Registered Professional Reporter 5,322

· Registered Merit Reporter 1,501

· Registered Diplomat Reporter 510

· Certified Realtime Captioner 761

· Certified Realtime Reporter 2,203

· Certified Legal Videographer 242 (who are members)

· Certified Reporting Instructor 178

In addition to its professional certifications, NCRA also offers the Trial Presentation Professional certificate, a technology-based certificate that acknowledges the recipient’s high level of knowledge and understanding of the use of electronics in trial presentation software to present evidence in court. As new technologies emerge, IT professionals, courtroom personnel, and trial presenters often have a wide range of equipment available to them in each new situation. Trial Presentation Professionals are well-versed in recognizing new technology and equipment and in determining which types are best suited to present evidence for the courtroom situation to in question.

As always, NCRA has made available to members a Celebrate Certification Month resources page with a catalog full of downloadable materials designed to help celebrate your certification. Resources include flyers, press release templates, JCR articles about certification, social media messaging, helpful NCRA quick links, and more. You can find the resources page at

Be sure to share how you plan to celebrate with NCRA at and on social media with #NCRAcertified.