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Start the summer right with these HOT webinars in the NCRA Learning Center!

Looking Sharp in Your Next Remote Proceeding
Remote proceedings are here to stay, it seems, so looking sharp in your next meeting is a must! Join Hector Cordova, CLVS, as he presents “Looking Sharp in Your Next Remote Proceeding” on May 24 at noon Eastern, and learn what to wear and how to ensure your environment, gadgets, and gizmos can enhance your on-screen performance. Total CEU offered: 0.1.

Computers and Technology: Friend or Foe?
On May 31 at 7 p.m. Eastern, the NCRA Learning Center will be presenting “Computers and Technology: Friend or Foe?” with Sarah Nageotte, FAPR, RDR, CRR, CRC. Attendees for this live webinar will earn a total of 0.1 CEU. Learn how to get the most bang for your buck when buying a new computer or figuring out which antivirus software to invest in. This webinar will bring you face to face with the technology of 2023, covering a range of topics to make you as tech-savvy and cyber-wise as you want – or need – to be! Topics include but are not limited to what to look for when buying a new computer, cloud storage options, secure networking at home and at the office, and so much more!

Tools to Separate Personal and Work Lives
Join Hector Cordova, CLVS, for a live web event on June 7 at noon Eastern for “Tools to Separate Personal and Work Lives.” Attendees will take a tour of tools and techniques to better separate your work life from your personal life, not only physically, but digitally too! Total CEU offered: 0.1.

As always, webinars do not have to be viewed live. Unless otherwise noted, the Learning Center gives 30 days from the live event to complete all required elements.

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