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First-ever NCRF Court to CART Grant winner chosen

Amy Doman

NCRF announces its first-ever Court to CART Grant recipient: Amy Doman, RMR, CRR, from Carmel, Ind.

Impressed by the court reporter who captioned the NCRA Conference keynote speaker Jim Davidson in Orlando last July, Doman’s inspiration to become a CART captioner solidified. She wrote, “The Court to CART Grant will provide me with opportunities I could not easily afford on my own. I am determined to be an excellent CART provider in the next five years. This grant would help me access the tools and education to shorten that timeline tremendously.”

Chairing the Court to CART Stewardship Team, NCRF Trustee Patricia Graves, FAPR, RDR, CRR, CRC, from Monument, Colo., was pleased to select Amy from all the highly qualified grant applicants. “CART services support a person’s journey through hearing loss,” Graves said. “As a service provider, one needs to always stay in role but be approachable, caring, empathetic, and perceptive. CART is more than merely words on a screen. It is communication. Amy Doman has the heart and skills to be a great CART captioner.”

Doman, introduced by Graves, thanked NCRF for the award in this special video.

The grant is offered to honor the memory of the stepfather and lifelong role model of Rich Germosen, FAPR, RDR, CRR: Eligio Antonio Rosario, Sr. The concept behind this grant emanated from Germosen’s quest for speed, accuracy, and professional development. His focus was complemented by Graves’ passion to serve people with hearing loss or nonnative English speakers by providing CART services when needed.

With great appreciation, Doman said, “I’m as happy as a hound dog with two tails! Receiving this grant has a very special meaning to me as it honors Rich’s stepfather. Rich and the Facebook practice group have been a real game changer in both my personal and professional life, so that makes this opportunity even more meaningful. I can’t wait for the day I can post in our group that I’m taking my first CART job! The generosity of the resources you’re giving me is immeasurable. Thank you, NCRF!”

To donate to the fundraiser for this Court to CART Grant, please use this NCRF campaign link.