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Session highlights from Houston: NextGen Steno

Presented by Chandler Alvino, RPR, and Alex M. Lederer, RPR, The Next Generation of Steno was another well-attended seminar at the 2023 NCRA Conference & Expo held in Houston, Texas, last month. One of the topics discussed was how students are being propelled into an ever-changing industry and how to successfully navigate these new challenges.

“The court reporting community is such a tight-knit group,” shared first-time Conference attendee Nancy M. Mendoza, RPR, an official court reporter from the Houston area. “I still have so many questions and there’s always been reporters willing to share their knowledge to help ensure that I have an answer to my question.”

Part of this discussion was recognizing the rise of a new era of court reporters. Unlike the professionals who came before them, students for the last three years have attended online programs, tested virtually for certifications, and have taken their first depositions via Zoom from makeshift home offices. Other topics discussed included the lessons learned, mistakes made, and triumphs reached along the way, with presenters and attendees alike connecting over shared experiences during their respective transitions from students to stenographers.