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To Our Wonderful Angels and Donors,

R. Douglas Friend

This is an exciting Angels Quarterly! We have just come off an incredibly successful Conference & Expo in Houston. There were so many of you who saw the value in contributing to NCRF! We had a record number of new Angels who committed to uplifting our stenographic colleagues, as well as an amazing number of raffle tickets sold for the Stenograph-donated Luminex II and the Miu-Miu Clutch for a Cause donated by Trustees Early Langley, RMR, and Tami Keenan, FAPR, RPR, CPE.

We are thrilled that our Lumi II raffle donations totaled $12,420, and our Clutch raffle hopefuls donated $3,475. You can be assured that the Foundation will create programs that benefit you!

Do you know what other records have been set? More grants and scholarships have been awarded in 2023 than ever before! Donations have helped students, new professionals, working reporters, and captioners — and it is because of your generosity.

Enough of hearing from me! Please keep reading this newsletter to see more exciting NCRF news. Thank you for giving to NCRF!

Doug Friend
NCRF Chair