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First-time Conference attendee shares experience and journey to court reporting

Nancy M. Mendoza, RPR

Nancy M. Mendoza, RPR, is an official court reporter from the Houston, Texas. area. She attended her first NCRA Conference & Expo last month and was kind enough to grant the JCR Weekly an interview via email.

JCR | What inspired you to attend the NCRA Conference in Houston? How did you hear about it?

NMM | NCRA was in my hometown, so I was not about to pass that up! I am a member of NCRA.

JCR | This was your first time attending NCRA’s annual Conference. What was your favorite thing you got to experience?

NMM | Yes, this year was my first time attending. My favorite thing that I got to experience was the Saturday night Gala where the reporters from all over the U.S. got together and danced the night away!

JCR | How did you end up in the world of court reporting?

NMM | I was working six days a week, 12-hour days, as a full-time waitress/cashier/manager at my parents’ Mexican restaurant. I was a single mother of two young girls at that time with no future in sight. My uncle asked me what I wanted to do with my future, and I wasn’t quite sure. I had no response. Hours later, he brought a packet of papers to me at my job and said, “Here. Look through these different careers and figure it out.” LOL. No joke. I had never heard about court reporting and it seemed interesting. So I made an appointment at the Court Reporting Institute of Houston (CRIH – no longer operational), and the rest is history. It was the best thing that ever happened to me!

JCR | Where do you see the industry headed? How can members continue to thrive?

NMM | I see the court reporting industry headed in a booming direction with new reporters certifying and keeping the career alive and thriving. We as members can continue to thrive by continuing to advocate for the profession through social media and word of mouth.

JCR | When did you join NCRA? Is there a certification you are working towards?

NMM | I joined NCRA as a student. I received my RPR in 2020 and hope to be a CRR!

JCR | Is there anything else you’d like to share about your experience whether as a student, professional, or even why you entered this career field?

NMM | What I would share with any student out there working hard to pass those speeds is this: Don’t let life get in the way of finishing your career. Practice hard, work hard, and there’s no failing. Also, the court reporting community is such a tight-knit group. Don’t ever feel like you’re alone. I still have so many questions and there’s always been reporters willing to share their knowledge to help ensure that I have an answer to my question.

JCR | What is a sleeper issue you feel the court reporting community is failing to recognize or give enough attention to?

NMM | I would say that reporters don’t tend to sleep on issues that threaten our profession. [We are] Very proactive and willing to fight the good fight to ensure that court reporters remain the guardians of the record.

Nancy M. Mendoza is an official from Porter, Texas. She can be reached at