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NCRA Board of Directors appreciates member participation in the first Members Matter Meeting

The NCRA Board of Directors held its first in a series of potential recurring Members Matter Meetings this evening and reported to have found it informative and insightful. The Board will now discuss the ideas and solutions presented by the members and evaluate next steps, budgetary and timing issues for implications, and how the ideas might fit into the strategic planning and direction of the organization.

Topics addressed by members this evening covered certification testing, promoting the profession, court reporting education, the status of CLVS members’ voting rights, and more.

The meeting was open to all NCRA members, with the first 25 registrants having the opportunity to provide their questions, concerns, and recommended solutions for a two-minute period of time.

“I believe our members who participated in tonight’s meeting either by sharing their concerns and recommended solutions, or just listening as participants, were appreciative of the opportunity to have this type of forum open to them,” NCRA President Kristin M. Anderson, M.A., RPR, FCCR, an official from Denton, Texas, said.

“We as a Board of Directors value our members and understand how important it is for each of them to have the chance to share in mapping the future of the Association as well as the profession. We are encouraged that future meetings like this one will help engage members more and provide a solid line of communication between leadership and membership,” she added.