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NCRA STRONG Committee announces open invite for students

The NCRA STRONG Committee is pleased to announce an open invitation for NCRA student members to attend their Sept. 27 meeting at 8 p.m. Eastern. The online event is scheduled for one hour.

The NCRA STRONG Committee has been tasked with providing recommendations and guidance to the legal community and its state affiliates regarding the hidden complexities and risks that arise when electronic recording systems and automatic speech recognition (ASR) systems are deployed and permitted, especially without regulation, in the production of court and deposition transcripts.

Asked to describe how this could impact the NCRA community, committee founder and Chair Sue A. Terry, FAPR, RPR, CRR, CRC, stated: “This is happening frequently in cases across America, and its use is often concealed to litigants, lawyers, and even judges.”

Terry went on to clarify: “STRONG seeks to safeguard the integrity of all legal proceedings by uncovering and educating about the untraceable and biased components of this dangerous technological approach to justice and reveals the dangers this trend poses to the accuracy, traceability, and accountability of our nation’s court records.”

Terry and Committee members Mary E. Pierce; Stacey Raikes, RMR, CRR; Debbie Dibble, RDR, CRR, CRC, presented a seminar on this topic called ‘Artificial Justice! Small Errors, Big Consequences’ at the 2023 NCRA Conference & Expo in Houston, Texas, to a room that was filled to capacity.

“These ladies did an incredible job of breaking down the complexities of AI/ASR into digestible chunks,” said NCRA member Stephanie Famber, of Atlanta, Ga., who attended the session. “I am a student, completely ignorant on the matter, and was able to hold an intelligible conversation on the matter immediately thereafter.”

Confirmed speakers for the Sept. 27 meeting include Terry and Vice Chair Lisa Migliore Black. Invited guests include NCRA President Kristin M. Anderson, M.A., RPR, FCCR, and President-Elect Keith Lemons, FAPR, RPR, CRR (Ret.). Students will be able to ask questions and engage with the committee and vice versa.

“It’s easy to fall victim to the overstated claims of profiteers who seek to replace skilled stenographic reporters with technology that can’t deliver the accuracy, accountability, and protection of the record that we provide.” stated Vice Chair Lisa Migliore Black, “Closely studying the shortcomings and outright dangers of digital reporting and automated speech recognition and educating decision-makers is key to protecting not only our jobs, but, more importantly, the sanctity of the record. The STRONG Committee encourages you to join us in an informative webinar that will help you translate the hype into a warning you can share with others.”

To RSVP to the Sept. 27 official committee meeting, send an email to, subject line STRONG.